Pug Butt

Hello there, faithful readers. Today is your lucky day. Why, you ask? Because today celebrates one of my favorite things. What am I talking about? Oh yes, Pug Butt. To those of us with Pugs, it is our 2nd favorite end of a pug. Although it is the end responsible for little “gifts” that I find behind the couch, or noxious vapors that I frequently blame Terry for incorrectly, us pug owners know how special Pug Butt is. Here’s even a picture of some gratuitous Rukia butt:

Infamous Pug Butt

Even IKEA knows how special Dog Butt can be and created the most adorable hooks that we hung on the wall and use to hold the Pugs harnesses and leashes. Check them out (below). Cool, huh? Jealous? Totally!

Leashes hug up by IKEA’s Dog Butts


~ by Nevis on April 3, 2008.

18 Responses to “Pug Butt”

  1. Oh My word! lOLOLOL you crack me up! Funny!

  2. Too Funny! And great find at IKEA! They are even pink and blue for Rukia and Poley. Very cool!

  3. I have one too!! I broke it though so the cover pops off the wall all the time 🙂
    I love pug but…Indy’s is my favorite, its so little.. the gifts left in front of the patio door are small.. and the noxious vapors I always got accussed of doing and blaming the dog… she stopped those awhile ago! The hubby stopped telling me not to blame her after she let one rip in his face.. priceless I say!!
    Gus however is rotten to the core. 🙂

  4. Those hooks are way cool! I noticed how artistic that picture of Rukia’s butt is — contrasting the pinkness of the butt with the blackness of her fur . . .

  5. I LOVE those hooks.

  6. lol! Those hooks are way cute.

  7. hahahaha..you are too hilarious! I’m so going to ikea to buy those hooks..those are adorable yet practical. I’m a big fan…hmmm i wonder if you can shop ikea online..

  8. Pug Butt-lol! I’m not a fan of Patch’s butt~always joking with him to put his tail down-lol! I’ve never been to IKEA~I am with Pam-going to find them on line! I have so been needing to get over here, but I felt I am so far behind. Well-I’m here and I guess I can start here and backtrack when time permits-hehe! Thanks for stopping by you 29 year old-lol!

  9. The hooks are hilarious. Bitsey’s tail does not always curl so it looks like her. If we remind her, she curls it up! I don’t know of any dog parks around here. I am afraid to let ours off leash around other dogs. Sometimes they forget their size and bark out challenges at larger dogs! We entered them in the Howl-a-ween parade last year and they behaved amazingly well. They only lost their minds once over some dogs dressed like skunks- who ended up beating us in the costume contest!

  10. Those are really … ahem… cute. Ha Ha. To answer your question, mom is a first degree black belt. Her nephew, Mr. Karate, is a 2nd degree. He should get his third in a year.


  11. Hi! Love those hooks! My mom said I got a pug butt too (also with a curly tail)!

  12. Haha – pug butt day. Super cute hooks. Ikea in Canada (or at least Ottawa and Montreal) don’t have the pet stuff 😦
    In answer to your question, Clover is 11 months old. Her vet figures this is as big as she will get. She might fill out a little more, but she had pretty tiny parents, so she will probably not get too much heavier.
    Did your package arrive yet?! It sure is a straggler… The ones I sent to Alberta, Minnesota and California already arrived!

  13. Ikea and Pug butt crack on the same day…now my day is complete…smile. I love you blog and I’ll stalk….oops…I mean visit often. Thanks for visiting my blog your entry made my day.

  14. PUG BUM RULES! hehe! We love the hooks! very sweet 🙂 xxxxx

  15. What a cute little Pug Butt! Can’t say that I ever thought of it as my second favorite end of the dog, but you are right! 🙂

  16. I love it! Looks like she’s got some adorable cowlicks on either side. So cute! I’ve also seen the hooks online at Ikea, but since they’re not curly, well, I would just feel like I was cheating 🙂

  17. Hi Nevis. Thanks for stopping by my blog … your mama’s artistic just like mine. Her scrapbook cover is amazing and your butt is even cuter than mine !!

    Your pal, Chef xox

  18. Haahaa! Too funny and too true!

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