Photoshop Tuesday

In honor of April Fool’s day…I’m posting a humorous photoshop “text bubble” contest. If you have photoshop or a similar program, you are free to participate.

And here is an example of what you can do.

Rukia = Best Star Trek Captain since Sisco


Have fun out there! I can’t wait to see the entries…Btw – the winner gets an awesome award to put on their page and show off how awesome they are.  I know. Don’t fall into a coma with excitement over this totally cheap prize. Not cheap. It’s…um…thrifty. And as we all know, some of the best things in life are free. Like puggie kisses.

Edit. I did not photoshop the text bubbles onto Rukia’s photo myself. That was done my hilarious friend, Dan, and he properly chastized me for taking credit for his genius. Technically, I didn’t specifically take credit for it. I just ommited that fact, and that’s not the same thing. Suck it, Trebeck!


~ by Nevis on April 1, 2008.

16 Responses to “Photoshop Tuesday”

  1. That’s too funny! I have to get photoshop!

  2. It’s not thrifty, it’s creative and imaginative and will show everyone else what a wonderful award you can make.


    I don’t think mom has a program to do this, but she will try.

  3. I don’t necessarily have to be included in the contest but I have the pic and would love to hear any funny ideas you have for the thought bubble.

  4. I’m new at this…how do I post the photo here?
    I have it on photobucket.

  5. this is the link

  6. oh what a great contest! i think you may have won though. i am still laughing!
    🙂 Melissa

  7. i just finally managed to post about the pug bowl! i hope you don’t mind i used a picture of rukia!

  8. Aw! Rukia looks so cute and that is a super funny caption. 🙂 I will try to think about this. And I forgot about Pug Bowl too! So many things to do!

  9. I would love to enter your contest, but Mommy is a computer-failure, so we will have to look at other people’s entries . . . sniff! not fair!

  10. Had to show that to DH -he is a Trekkie! Did you notice our cat is named Seven of Nine? Live long and prosper!

  11. I’m sorry but that is funny. Indy was hell to mat train. took 3 months of cleaning the carpet! She used to sleep on her mat too.. Gus isn’t mat trained or paper trained at all… he is kind of on a schedule which sucks cause if he has to go.. he goes on the carpet. :p Plus he has no sign to let me know he needs to go!!

  12. Oooh, fun. I’ll have to put my thinking cap. Photoshop rocks!

  13. I wish I had photoshop. 😦

  14. Hey,
    we just wanted to let you know that we will get our new addition at the beginning of May. Until then we are totally reliant on the breeder to send pictures because she lives too far away for us to visit Cosette (there were pre-existing trips that interferred with us visiting again prior to picking her up). But come May 3 and on you may rest assured that there will be many pictures.

    The Grand Duke’s Parents

  15. !?

    I can’t believe you posted this without giving me credit. -50 cool points to you.

    Just kidding, of course.

  16. My Photoshop pic 🙂

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