Pug Vouge

Hooray! It’s almost friday! That, right there, is reason to celebrate. This has felt like such a loooooong week, hasn’t it? And this weekend should be fun because we’ve got big plans to play Rockband, and as everyone knows, I’m totally addicted to playing it.

Here are some pictures of Rukia in a cute little dress that I bought for her. She loved it and she pranced around the house wearing it like it was the height of haute couture. She is so silly! This first picture is of her from the front. Look at her work it. She’s “America’s Next Top Puggie”…! Watch out Tyra Banks!

Tyra Banks, you’re going down!

Then this picture is of her from the side.

Eat this, Tyra!

Isn’t she adorable? Well, I think she is, but I might be a tad bit biased. And then here she is in my arms. Sorry it is a little blurry.

Work it, girlfriend!

Of course Terry had to get in on the posing action…except his poses are always silly!

Silly Daddy!

I just bought a new bed for the puggies. It was on sale at Target for $12 so I picked it up to replace one of their older beds that is raggedy, chewed up and too small. So, of course we took a few pictures of them enjoying their new bed.

Here’s Napoleon enjoying it calmly:

The calm before the storm…

Then Rukia comes over, bringing their favorite bunny toy. This of course, riles him up.

Wild crazy pug action

And then we took the bunny away and they act nicely with the hope that daddy will stop taking silly pictures of them and give back Mr. Bunny.

No bunny. No funny stuff.

But of course this calmness doesn’t last long and Rukia chases beleaguered Poley away.

My bed. MINE!

After Poley is finally gone and she has the bed to herself she stops to pose cutely for the camera.

Look at me! Love me! OBEY ME!!!

But her stink eye is always watching Poley, who is off-camera.

Stink eye for Poley

You’d better watch out. Her stink eye is out there.

And she’s always watching…


~ by Nevis on March 27, 2008.

17 Responses to “Pug Vouge”

  1. She looks very cute in her dress. She is so tiny and cute. Just like me, once upon a time. Great photos. Very nice bed. We need a new one. I will have to send mom to Tar-get to check them out.
    Have a great weekend.


  2. That little girl sure has one mean stink eye, that’s for sure! lol! Love the pretty spring dress.

  3. Adorable in her cute dress. I like the way it’s made. Poley is cute too–I love the red bed.

  4. Wow what a stink eye!!! She is so cute in the little dress in her new bed! 🙂
    Target has some really cute dog stuff.. That’s where I bought Gus’s bed at christmas.

  5. Oh! SOOOOO Cute!
    Great pictures as always! I would love to feature them in my Newsletter again. They are so cute together! 🙂

  6. Tell Terry that I think silly poses are the best! Looks like you are spoiling your puggies just right. Great pics!

  7. OOOOOOOOHHH NOOOOOOOOO! Not the stink eye!
    There are some seriously cute (as well as silly) pictures here!

    Come see what I almost caught!

  8. Ridiculously cute. I LOVE the dress! And snazzy puggie bed!

  9. Hi Nevis!
    Just stopping by to wish you all a great weekend!
    🙂 m & e

  10. OO Rukia, what a pretty dress! I like to chase Weeny out of our bed too! Hehe! Love Daisy xx xx

  11. Rukia is such a girrrl! I love how she goes from roughin’ around with Poley to — “Oh? A camera pointing at my beauteousnous?”

    Poley looks like he’s been readin’ Checkers’s’s’s blog. Some good tongue shots there.

  12. That is adorable!

  13. We discovered Ninja Warrior last summer. Isn’t it a screech. We think Mr. Karate would be good at it. Mom also told her karate instructor about it. He thinks it is wild. You know, of course, that the 2 million yen prize is reall only $17,000.00 American. Mom says that is not enough for that sort of agony.
    As for the pleading eyes, I can have them, but they only work on dad. Unless it’s broccoli or green beans.

  14. Hi! Thanks for stopping to visit. You are right about a Pug meet up – they look fun. Did you get your babies in town? We might be related!

  15. Those are such great photos! Rukia looks tres chic in her dress.

  16. Haha I just noticed the stink eye Rukia is giving while doing the silly pose with Terry! Now that is a stink eye!! 🙂

  17. Your pugs are just too darn cute!

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