Forrest Hump

What? No. I wasn’t humping her…Well, my little baby is growing up. Monday evening I caught him…humping Rukia. Yes, I know, it seems impossible. He is my little baby, he shouldn’t be doing that because he’s too young. But he’s almost 6 months old yet, and according to the vet, it’s about that time. Granted, I think Rukia was asking for it at the time because she was engaged in licking his privates right before the humping started. *sigh* Oh Rukia, don’t give it away so easy!

So, I’m getting him neutered. I mean, always was going to have it done, but like now I’m having it done, pronto. Because right now we have to keep Napoleon and Rukia seperated. Even though Rukia is only 3 1/2 months old, aparently she could get pregnant. And we certainly don’t want that. So seperated they are in two different pens. And they hate it. They whine and bark and basically act very annoying. What? Oh, no. I wasn’t licking him!

We’ve got an appointment to have his little peanuts removed on Friday. Poor little guy. Well, I guess he isn’t so little any more. Do any of you have stories about when you realized that your baby was growing up? Or when it became apparent that you needed to have your dog neutered/spayed?

Oh, and I cooked food up for the puggies from scratch the other day. It came out really good and they LOVED it. I steamed some carrots and potatoes, then mushed it up with some beef broth and lean ground beef, then threw in some oatmeal to bind it, and added blueberries, some bacon bits, and a couple of scrambled eggs. Then I mounded it into big balls and packed it up in serving-sized ziplocks. When I feed them I let it come to room temperature and then suppliment it with some vitamens and some kibble for crunchiness. They ADORE IT! I totally will make it again. It seems pretty well-balanced, right? Sorry, forgot to photo it when I made it. I’ll take photos next time.


~ by Nevis on March 19, 2008.

22 Responses to “Forrest Hump”

  1. Poor babies! They both look so sad. Rusty had already had his little suit altered by the time I got him. However. In displays of dominance (he thinks) over Bear (our large lab mix) he humps her. He is usually on her front shoulder while she is getting pats from us. He is a jealous little thing. We’ve started having to keep a water spray bottle handy to curb this activity.

  2. Oh no!! Your poor babies!
    We thought about breeding Indy for the longest time, but we realized that we couldn’t put our poor little baby through all of that. And also my husband realized I would probably want to keep ALL the puppies instead of just one!! We ended up getting her fixed right around 6 months old, the cat started to get really interested in her derriere!
    Gus.. well Gus was different. We were told to get him fixed by the breeder as his sister had liver failure and she was worried it might be congenital. Plus, we had hoped that the ‘de-manning’ would curb the aggressive hyperactive behavior!! :p Somewhat…

  3. oh, poor little boy…happens to all good boys!

  4. So funny and yet so sad! Amazingly, when we brought Winston home at 9 weeks, he humped a stuffed animal. I thought I was in a lot of trouble!! But, he didn’t lift his leg until three years old even though we had him fixed at 7 or 8 months old!

  5. Mom and Dad fixed me when I was about 6 months old, but I still hump my little (male) brother Netty. It’s a dominance thing…I don’t hump anything (or anyone) else.
    We knew that Netty was ready to be fixed when we took him to the vet for some shots. The Vet said that she was going to check his little parts and lifted up his tail. When she saw the size of his…uh hum…HUGE BALLS she said “Oh my goodness! Someone is ready”! dropped him, and backed away.
    Jemima Jones Beck

  6. Actually, that’s funny that you mention it because I looked (just happened to glance) at Napoleon’s parts this morning and was shocked to find his balls…which I’d never seen on him before.

    Whoa…where’d those come from? I guess it explains the humping, though….

  7. Mom cannot comment on removing manbits, as she has only had females, but her mom’s pug was male and VERY testosterone-ly. He should have been snipped sooner than he was. As for them growing up, mom says that just sneaks up on you. PlusOne is eleven, and mom swears it went by in the blink of an eye.


  8. His peanuts! bahaha!!!

  9. awww..your boy is all grown up. Before Perogi got fixed he humped EVERYTHING and every dog except Bella. Maybe she wasn’t his type..but we think he knew better not to b/c she would kick his little butt. hehe…now he has his “special” pillow if you know what i mean (wink,wink) good luck with his surgery 🙂

  10. their little faces are just so innocent-looking though! poor henri probably doesn’t even remember a time before he was fixed…we had it done as soon as he was old enough–poor thing! he still humps on occasion though!

  11. We never did get Bennie fixed, but his attempts to hump haven’t been a problem. Don’t know why. However, a few weeks ago we found a little dog and kept her until we found her owner, and at the time it didn’t occur to me that Bennie could have been “attracted” to her…duh! Now I’m wondering if we could wind up with a few gran’puggies!

  12. Hi Nevis!
    Oh the puggy food sounds delicious. I feed something similar to emmitt at breakfast and then avoderm light for dinner with carrots. we got emmitt fixed when he was 6 months. he stayed at the vet overnight and the he flew into the truck the next morning. he never even knew he had stitches. he just wanted to get home to his breakfast.:)

  13. HA!…peanuts and manbits. Love the terminology! Wish I could help ya but Maisie Rose came to us at one year of age. She wasn’t spade until then though…so good thing she didn’t cross paths before that with a boy dog who still had his peanuts intact!

  14. Before we got Tuffy fixed at six months, he “enjoyed” his stuffed monkey a little too much. We even had to take it away from him at times. Even after he was fixed (about 6-8 months) before all the testosterone got out of him, he would still “play” with his stuffed monkey and his “thing” would get stuck outside his body and my husband called the vet and he told him to lubricate it with vaseline and water so “it” would go back in. We didn’t know about it but this happens often apparently. Better my husband than me. HA

  15. Sad how the little ones grow up so soon . . . Your homemade meal sounds pretty yummy . . . what lucky pugs you have!

  16. Poor Poley and Rukia.. but more poor poley, since he will loose his you know whats..

    We hope it goes ok on Friday

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  17. Hi Nevis!
    Thank you so much for voting for Emmitt! You are the best! How is Poley feeling? I have been thinking of all of you!

  18. I was counting down the days until Benjamin was 6 months old so that he could be neutered. Not so much because of humping, but because of marking. He was able to concentrate on potty training a lot better after he was fixed.

  19. oh to be separated when you love your pug buddy….

    good job you, cooking for the doggies!!

  20. Hi!
    Was it this past Friday that little Poley had his surgery? Hope it all went well… It’s great that you are having it done right away though (at 6 months) because my friends waited until their male pug was 9 months old and now he pees on everything all the time. I believe those two things are related.
    Oh, and we don’t have Xbox 360, but my little cousins were visiting a couple of weeks ago and they brought it and Rockband with them. But trust me – you would not want to play with me, I’m fairly terrible at all of it. We have Guitar Hero III for the Wii and I’m still struggling on Easy…lol!

  21. oh my you adorables are ya’ll exploring the naughty? well hope ya’ll had a blessed & happy Easter. behave now k?

    Love Licks & waggin TX tails barking loud

  22. Ah, spring! . . . and a young pug’s fancy turns to . . . What did Rukia think of Poley’s new “game.”

    The Aged got his snips at the earliest date recommended by the vet — in hopes of preventing the dreaded tomcat spraying. (The tortie had already been spayed, so no worries re kittens) He never did spray, thank goodness! so I guess it worked.

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