Green Beer

Stupidest Holiday EverWell, it’s Monday. AND it’s a holiday, if you can call “St. Patrick’s Day” a holiday. I mean, I don’t get the day off from work. I don’t get gifts from my family and friends. There isn’t a party with cake and ice cream. In fact, I think it may be one of the lamest excuses for a holiday that has been yet invented. And green beer? That’s just ridiculous.

But despite all that, it’s also Spring Break here where we live and Terry has the week off. Yeah for him! He totally needed a break, as would anyone who had to deal with 4th grades all day for a living. Yikes! Personally, I think he’s crazy. I could never do that job. And I’m also excited because he promised to fix my dishwasher while he was off this week. Hooray for me!

Let’s see, what did we do this weekend? Not much. Bashir, Dr. BashirIt was a total veg-out weekend for us because I’m still sick from cold I got last week and he was more than happy to cuddle up with me and the pugs on the couch and play video games (we finished “Army of Two”) and watch DVD’s (we’re going season-by-season through all of Deep Space Nine). What a relaxing, wonderful weekend.

And I’d never really watched any of the Deep Space Nine episodes on TV and they’re fun, interesting, thought-provoking at times and well written. I’m getting quite into the show.

Sorry, no puggie pictures today. Except I did make this funny animated picture thing but WordPress won’t let me put it in the post, so you can go look at it if you’d like by clicking here.


~ by Nevis on March 17, 2008.

9 Responses to “Green Beer”

  1. Hey! I wish I had a relaxing weekend.. hubby was in town and it was go go go! 🙂 Works for me! Deep Space 9 was good, I started watching it on tv when it first aired, i don’t think I watched the whole thing though. I liked Voyager the best!
    Your pic is really cute! 🙂 Feel better!

  2. PS Indy loves beer… it doesn’t matter what color or how warm it is!

  3. Hi Nevis! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for your sweet comments. Hope you feel better!

  4. Happy St. Patty’s Day!
    I love the animated pug card you made. Very Fun!
    Melissa and Emmitt

  5. Haha not there no.. softball starts in may and afterwards I let her off leash.. if the guys aren’t careful she will lick clean the top of the open beer cans.. She likes to flirt with them too!

  6. Dad said that when Sisco shaved his head, he was way badder. Like Hawk, who he played on Spenser For Hire. Mom is still trying to get us in bowls. Did you see the post for the cabinets? The older post?


  7. It was more like he was baffled over the fact there was kibble in that pot!! It was very funny, alot of circling but that was closest he would go. I took pity after awhile and gave them the kibble.

  8. Sorry to hear you were sick — Daddy was sick too last week. Hope your restful weekend kicked the rest of your cold away.

    So why is Terry teaching 4th graders (the only ages worse are the junior high school yrs!) when he can fix dishwasher?!? Now that is a talent worth its weight in gold!

  9. I really enjoyed watching Deep Space Nine while it was on TV. One of my favorites! I didn’t realize until you told me that your Terry was a 4th grade teacher. How does he like it? They’re getting a little tougher by that age!

    Rusty says WOOF!

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