Pug Bowl 2008

After seeing my friend Shanny’s new pug puppy, Zoe, being placed in various bowl-like containers (see pictures here), Terry and I decided to start “Pug Bowl 2008” in which you take a photo of your Pug (or other dog breed, cat, bird, lizard – but no spiders!!!) in a bowl or other bowl-like vessel and post it on your blog.

I can’t decide if there should be an award associated with this or it’s just for fun. But I know that Rukia disapproves of it!

You disgust me.


~ by Nevis on March 12, 2008.

35 Responses to “Pug Bowl 2008”

  1. Oh too cute! Where am I going to get a bowl big enough for Gus? :p

  2. [lol] Just add milk. Yum!

    This should be a greeting card. In fact, you could start a whole line of greeting cards with your pugs.

  3. Oh yea.. I have a few of him in the laundry hamper.. the little bugger marks his territory in it!! 🙂

  4. how adorable…i don’t think i have a bowl big enough for henri…a box maybe??

  5. Pug Bowl 2008! Bahaha!! That’s so great! Hey, I started a flickr group for this stuff a couple weeks ago, Pugs in Stuff. You should add your shots. SO CUTE!!!

  6. As Olivia says, “Cute doddies!”

  7. Oh that is too cute! I might try and do a “pug bowl” as well but not sure if my big, fat pugs would fit in a bowl!

  8. Alright – I know I can get one of my kitties in a bowl, but the dog? I dunno. I could put him in there, but he’ll never stay long enough for a photo. I did dress him up as Superman for Halloween though. He was not amused.

  9. Bonnie…you NEED to make a blog. Seriously. So does Betty. So much easier to keep in touch.

  10. Pug Bowl! Sweeet! We will definitely try to do this!! And awww to Rukia – both her and Napoleon are growing up so quickly!

  11. OMG! Rukia is sooooo cute! i love the pug bowl theme. i am not sure i can get emmitt to sit in a bowl, but i see what i can do!
    m & e

  12. Hi Nevis!
    Emmitt wants you to know that he has officially entered the Pug Bowl 2008.
    🙂 Melissa and Emmitt

  13. Oh, how cute. I will try to find something to fit all 3 of my pugs, if I can, I will take a pic and post it.

  14. […] other bowl-like vessel and post it on your blog.” See Rukis’s Pug Bowl 2008 picture here. So […]

  15. Hi! I have my Pug Bowl 2008, Rusty Edition posted! I hope more will join us!

  16. We want to enter the pug bowl!! I will try and get a cute pic this weekend.

    PS. Potty training is going better over here. How are yours doing?

  17. IS have Chihuahuas. Let’s see if they will go for it.

  18. Oh my, soooo cute!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  19. […] Entry for Pug Bowl 2008 The pugs at manicdote have issued quite a challenge. It’s called “Pug Bowl, 2008.” […]

  20. In!

    Entry for Pug Bowl 2008

  21. well, i don’t have a pug, but we heard about you from rusty, so here is our MUTT BOWL shot:


  22. hmmmm a bowl that will fit two pugs? i shall have to rummage, and get back to you. xx

  23. Heh- I went thrifting today and with every big bowl I looked at I thought, “Ooh, that’d be good for somebody’s Pug Bowl entry.” I saw one that would’ve fit Rusty, or maybe half of CodyBear.

  24. We’ve done ittttt!



  25. That is a great Haiku. Mom says Zoe in the bowl is absoluely adorable. She shall have to try and get Lucky in a bowl. As for the puggies looking innocent, we are innocent. Always. It’s everyone else that isn’t.


  26. […] 18, 2008 Poley and Rukia  at manicdote started “Pug Bowl 2008″. You take a photo of your  dog, cat, bird, lizard  or […]

  27. I have posted my entry for Pug Bowl 2008

  28. I posted my Pug Bowl 2008 entry today at my blog. Hope you like it!

  29. This Pug bowl thing is getting around: Here’s my entry:

    By the way: nice blog-theme! 🙂

  30. When is the winner announced???
    Misty & Douglas are getting anxious 🙂

  31. And What will the first prize be?
    (Zora likes big smoked bones, or smoked bull-tendons.)

  32. Sooo Who won, or is every entry a winner, all the ones I saw were winners it would be hard to pick just one.
    If I won with my entry you can deposit the $1000 prize money straight into my Paypal account
    Thanks in advance, the money will help my impoverished family a lot. The kids will be able to have shoes for school, my wife won’t have to do the laundry on the river bank any more & I will be able to get a hair piece 🙂

  33. Heh heh, Tas you are out of control…..

  34. Well, crikey, I actually wasn’t going to post a winner, but maybe I should? As for prizes…umm…it’ll be a surprise. And probally something easy to ship. And cheap. Hey, I’m on a budget, people!

  35. I like the pug

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