Haiku Contest

Haiku is CoolToday your task is simple. You are to write a haiku and then post it as a comment back to me. I’ll pick a winner and they shall receive the first ever “MANICDOTE HAIKU AWARD OF AWESOMENESS”. This doesn’t come with a gift because I’m broke, but it does come with bragging rights and a cool image that you can post on your blog, facebook account or you can always print it out and have it framed. Who knows what you want to do with it? I won’t judge you.

Now, in case you forgot how to write a haiku, here are the simple directions. It’s three lines, and the syllables have to be precisie. 5 syllables for the first line, 7 syllables on the second line and 5 again for the third and final line of the poem. Contest ends 3/13/08.

Here is a sample haiku:

Never seen so many
sunrises in my life; this
should mean something. Yes.


~ by Nevis on March 7, 2008.

12 Responses to “Haiku Contest”

  1. I am so tired.
    Struggling to stay awake
    thank god its friday!!

    Ahh! How was that?? Love the award! What does it say?

  2. We tried, but they were crap. so we will leave it to others to be great! 🙂

  3. No we know you can do it!!! Write us something funny about Weeny and Daisy…!

  4. It snowed six inches
    Mandy and Tuffy went out
    Where are my babies?

    I think that’s the first one I ever wrote–can you tell? HAHA

  5. Jacob is sleeping,
    Willow is running about,
    but I’m still working.

    Jake and willow are my beagles 😛

    Had to lengthen Jake’s name to make it work 😀

  6. Snoring together,
    Pugs are cuddling on the couch,
    Our family; complete.

    Great contest, this was fuN!

  7. It’s snowing outside
    I run and bounce gleefuly
    Now my feet are cold

    That was fun!

  8. Shadows of felines
    lounge on the sofa and bed
    phantom comforters.

  9. This isn’t a haiku! We’ve been away for a bit. So sorry to hear about Terry’s mother. Don’t worry about Rukia being small! Clover weighed only one lb when we brought her home at 7 weeks, and when she was 4 months old she still only weighed 5lbs. She is almost 10 months old now and weighs 11 lbs. Rukia will probably be small like Clover!
    We have your pay-it-forward gift ready, can you please email your mailing address to: lovemrmunchy AT yahoo DOT com
    Jess & Clover

  10. Rawhide, so tasty,
    Its sweet scent beckoning me,
    I think I’m in love

  11. Ode to my Jumbone

    I miss my Jumbone
    With a sweet dark brown fillig
    I ate it all up

  12. […] of all, we have some business to attend to. Today we have the winner of our 1st annual “Manicdote Haiku Contest“. And (drumroll please) the winner is….Ayatollah Mugsy! […]

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