29 isn’t old!

Are you ready to Rock?So, we’re doing okay. Just trying to pass each day and keep our minds busy and occupided with other matters. First of all, today is Terry’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Second of all, I decree that the greatest game ever is “Rockband”. It is soooooooooooo much fun, I implore all of you to get it if you have a game console.

We took the puggies to the vet this weekend. Rukia weighed in at a wopping 4 lbs – and she is 3 months old according to her papers. Okay, two things. Either (a) she is just small boned or (b) the breeder lied to us about her age. She eats plenty and is active, happy and well-adjusted. I know she isn’t malnurished (she’s even getting a cute little pot belly). I want to hope she’s just going to be a small pug, I really want to believe that the breeder didn’t lie – because if she lied about Rukia’s age then I have to call into question everything else the breeder put on Rukia’s papers. *sigh* No, let’s just believe in the innate goodness of humans and hope that Rukia is just tiny. Yes, I shall do that.

Napoleon is 4 1/2 months old, 11 pounds – and I believe it. I was carrying him around PetCo for a while on Saturday and he’s getting heavy! Yikes! He isn’t fat or anything, just muscular, I suppose. The vet said he was perfectly in shape. Such a handsome puggy!

However, poor little Poley had ear mites! Lions and tigers and ear mites, oh my!The vet treated him and aparently Rukia didn’t have them, but they are contagious so she’ll have to be checked when she comes in for her 3rd set of shots, next month. I felt so guilty when Poley got ear mites. I mean, did I do something wrong? Did I not clean him well enough? Did I let him sniff an infested dog? Did I not keep his crate clean enough!? But the vet assured me that it’s common and that Napoleon probally came to us from the breeder with the mites. This makes me feel marginally better, but I still feel vaugely guilty.

Question to dog/cat owners out there: Do you use any sort of antiseptic ear solution to clean the wax and debris out of your dogs/cats ear canals? If so, how often should I be doing this? What product do you use? Thanks, in advance!


~ by Nevis on March 3, 2008.

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  1. I used ordinary (alcohol free) witchhazel that i get from the health food store (or drug store). I put some on a cotton ball and then swipe out their ears. It works with Miko’s wax and it’s safe enough to use everyday.

  2. Hi! Happy Birthday Terry!
    Indy was/is a small pug too. At 3 months she was only 2.2lbs (the day I got her). She is now 2.5 years old and weighs a whopping 10lbs. Yay small pugs! Gus is huge compared to her. But i know what you mean weight wise.. they are solid feeling.
    Rockband is a pretty cool game, my brother has it and i suck!! lol

    In regards to the ears, when bath time comes around, I usually use a warm damp cloth and wipe the inside of their ear flaps and aournd the edges. I am really nervous about cleaning the inside of their ears cause they wiggle so much and the ears are delicate.
    It hasn’t been an issue yet.. but call the vet’s office, speak to the vet or a tech and they should be able tell you what to do.
    Good luck!

  3. Having a six year old pug that has had two ear infections, I can safely say that you should clean their ears about once a week. My vet said to clean them once a week and if you get out goo then go to less than one week until you don’t get goo out anymore. If after one week their ears are still clean, you can expand it to two weeks. But be careful because forgetting to clean leads to ear infections (pricey and time consuming) because pugs ears don’t “breathe” well according to our vet (since they are usually closed off). I use Malotic solution (I think you can only get from the vet). It’s a little pricey but a big bottle will last a long time and it smells really good. Plus, you can clean their face wrinkles with it is well since it is an ear and skin cleanser.

  4. Oh, and happy birthday to Terry!

  5. Thanks! They come out really clear for a cell phone, huh? It is the new LG chocolate spin. Highly recommend it! 😉

  6. I highly recommend Malacetic wet wipes from Dermapet. They’re just like baby wipes, great for ears, face wrinkles, teary eyes, itchy spots. I can go on! Really a must for pug owners. And no, I’m not getting money for endorsing them!

  7. Happy Birthday, Terry!

  8. Happy Birthday Terry!
    Your puggies are so cute! It is fun to see them grow up. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Happy Birthday Terry! Just to let you know, Daisy is very very small for her age too, she looks half weenys age, when in fact, they arent that far apart in years.. What is Rock band about? obv a band. do you have to create/star in one? Sounds cool..i’ve ordered a Harry Porrer and the order of the phoenix game which i cant WAIIITTT to try out!


  10. Firstly Happy Birthday and yes,29 is not old !!!
    The babys are the cutest!!11 lbs for Napolean?He is growing up!

    So sorry to hear about Terrys mom,will pray for you guys

  11. Happy Birthday Terry. You and PlusOne shar the same day. It must be good. Mom says her vet said not to use ear stuff a lot. As for 4 lbs, Lucky is 5 years old and only weighs 14 pounds.


  12. HI!!!! I met a little puggie WAY older than me this past weekend and I was almost double her size.. Capt’n Daddy thought she may have been a little puppy. I think the girls are usually smaller. Either that or I am just a big boy at about 24lbs at 8 months. Oh about the ears, we got stuff at the vet.. I HATE it though!

    Be sure to let your puggies teach you how to play Rockband like I teach my Mom. She needs the help – except on the drums.. I also don’t like some of the songs.. like Perfect Drug – beh makes me wanna bark all over the house!

  13. Happy belated birthday Terry!! 4 pounds?? i can’t even imagine. When we got perogi he was already 5.5 pounds. Now he’s 18.8 pounds at 6months!!!! Black female pugs are usually smaller. Bella is very petite compared to every fawn pug we meet.

  14. Yea we own an xbox360 and a ps3. The bonus is since toshiba gave up on HD dvd, we won’t ‘need’ to buy an hd dvd player. lol
    Yea i married mr jones. 🙂
    The wii is tons of fun.. i have figure out what games i want now!

  15. Not yet no..
    We have afriend who has a friend that works at EA.. so we might be able to get a good deal!

  16. Happy birthday Terry! Hope it was a good one all things considered.

    Sounds like you are getting some good advice on the ear thing. The puggies are so cute. She really is little!

  17. Well, Bella isn’t exactly petite. She’s becoming a fat little sausage lately. And 29 isn’t old! I just turned it and I’m doing ok. Next year is going to suck though. Best workout song ever is Through the Fire and Flames by dragon force. It’s the final song in guitar hero 3

  18. HaPpY Birthday!

    My daughter LOVES rockband….that is all she and her friends do here….

  19. Are you treating the doggies for fleas? If you’re using Frontline Plus, it should take care of the ear mites too and keep your other dog from getting them! 🙂

  20. I remember at age 16 going to a mate’s 29th birthday party. I remember saying to his wife, “I can’t imagine being that old”. Now looking back from age 47 I think “Oh… to be 29 again”

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