Manicdote University

Happy Monday, everyone! Well, there’s been teaching going on all over our house. First of all, Terry has been reading Cesar Millan’s book, “Be The Pack Leader,” and has found Cesar Millansome of his tips and ideas quite useful. We’ve already implemented a few of them and have found success with his methods. Most notably, the “claw-hand” technique where you make your hand into a claw-shape and put it on the back of the dog’s neck, and use it to correct behavior. You’re not pinching the dog or hurting him in any way – it’s supposed to replicate the sensation of when their Mother would bite on their neck in order to correct behavior. So far it’s been pretty darn useful with Napoleon. Rukia is always a different matter – full of willful vigor and defiant spirit.

On my front, I decided to teach myself how to crochet. I’ve always wanted to know how ot knit or crochet, but always thought it would be too hard to teach myself and didn’t know anyone who could teach me. Well, I researched this abit, and aparently, Happy Hookercrocheting is easier to teach yourself an knitting, so I decided to start with that. Terry bought me a book called, “The Happy Hooker,” (he always laughs at the name) and I set about teaching myself to crochet. It went okay last night, except the crochet hook I was using was too small and the yarn was bumpy and chunky and frankly, I had a hard time SEEING the V’s and bumps and whatnot that I’m supposed to count and stick the end of the hook into. I’m off to Hobby Lobby at lunch today to buy a larger hook and some really simple (one color) yarn. I made the mistake of buying yarn that I wanted scarf out of, instead of something easy to practice with.

And the dogs are not left out on our current learning kick. We’re continuing with their training, mostly with Rukia as she needs a lot of help. Napoleon caught onto “sit” after one session, but Rukia seems bent on being defiant. Here is a cute photo session of Terry trying to teach Rukia how to sit. I swear she knows what to do, she just doesn’t feel like sitting except when she wants to. Willful creature! I will break you!

First picture. Terry showing her the treat (a fourth of a snausage) and asking her to sit with a calm voice.

Training 1

Willful Rukia ignores Terry’s command, and tries to climb after the snausage.

Training 2

Terry pushes her back; No Rukia! Don’t climb on Daddy. Pay attention.

Training 3

Terry nicely shows her what she’s supposed to do. See Rukia? This is how you sit.

Training 4

And then…SUCCESS! She sits on her own, after the command “sit”. Woot!

Training 5

She gets the treat. Here’s a cute picture of Rukia chowing down on the snausage (see all the crumbs around her? Boy, is she a messy eater!) Yum-o!

Training 7

Of course, Napoleon had to get in on the action!

Training 6

Oh, and you can see our mesh “PugPen” that we bought to take keep them penned in, yet, still apart of the action. This way we can bring them into the living room, or kitchen, etc. so they’re apart of the family and yet still contained and not running amok. It’s all apart of our crate training campaign. Rukia is still too young to be trusted not penned in. She already pooped in that cute new PugPen. *sigh* Ahh…she is going to be our problem child, I can already tell. Oh well, we still love her. Poop and all.


~ by Nevis on February 25, 2008.

13 Responses to “Manicdote University”

  1. The Happy Hooker?! hehehehhe! Good luck with the crochet! And the pics of Rukia learning to sit are adorabubble! xxx

  2. She is so small and so cute. Good luck on the crocheting.

  3. I too tried crocheting, I started off with this beautiful navy wool, bumpy and fuzzy.. i did about half and held it up, i had a banana shaped blanket. I guessed I missed or over did some stictches.. whoops!
    Gus doesn’t sit, he somewhat crouches on his back legs instead.
    I wish my babies were that small still!!

  4. You are doing everything so well! I, too, crate trained the pugs and eventually (albeit, after several years) they are now left out to roam the whole house on their own and I never have to worry about “accidents” or things torn up. It was the best thing I did for them and my sanity…plus, training them to sleep in there at night gives you a break once in a while when you don’t want them to sleep with you. Winston was my stubborn pug, and it was tough going for awhile. The potty training wasn’t so bad, but if he didn’t want to do something, or REALLY wanted to do something he found a way to either get out of it or do it. Fortunately, I lived in a rental at the time! HA! Your stories totally bring me back to Winnie as a puppy…I love it!

  5. Hi Nevis!
    I am so excited for you! You are going to love crochet. My favorite yarn to work with is actually worsted weight acrylic which lucky for me is usually the least expensive. It is easy to see your stiches, washes well and is consistent from skein to skein. I usually use a G size hook, but occasionally use and H for a bigger stitch, but that is it. All of my other pretty hooks stay in their case. Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Thank you for the offer to help me with WordPress. I may need it. I posted about Poley and Rukia today and will post about them again tomorrow on my main blog too.
    Here is the link on my Exciting News Blog…

    🙂 Melissa

  6. hehehe! did you ever see the episode of South Park where Cartman’s Mom hires Cesear Millan to train Cartman because she cant figure out any other way to make him behave? Cesear uses the claw hand technique on Cartman. It’s hilarious!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  7. Yea! Crochet is so much fun! It does help to have single colored, non-bumpy yarn.
    Knitting is harder in my opinion, but not impossible to learn on your own, especially with youtube.

  8. I adore Pugs — well, I love all dogs really 🙂 We used to have a darling female (fawn) Pug, Muffin. She was an incredibly special dog. Have you considered trying the amazing clicker training at all? Dogs turn themselves inside out to try and please once a person begins using clicker training. I’m not sure if my dogs enjoy their training (strictly with clicker) or meal times more!! They literally jump for joy when they see it’s training time.


    Dogs Naturally

    Diane’s Flickr photos

  9. omg she is so cute & little!! adorable.

    good luck with your crocheting. i’m sure you’ll get it soon!

  10. Lucky learned to lie down very quickly. I know how, I just don’t want to. Yes, I am willful like Rukia. It is because we are both “dark side” females. As for crocheting. Mom knits, but has never tried crochet. She might try later. In life, that is.


  11. Good luck with all the new learning! I love crochet but have never learned how. That is such a cute series of the puggies! Lucky for us Rusty was crate trained when we got him.

  12. Oh my Gosh, Rakia is seriously the tiniest pug ever. They are both so cute.

  13. Heehee! Can’t wait to see the pugs modeling your latest crochet projects.

    Rukia looks like she has a huge grin on her face in that next to last photo. She’s still so tiny! Sweet!

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