All Pugs are Artists

“Art will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind born out of struggle between wisdom and madness, between dream and reality in our mind.” – Magdalena Abakanowicz

So I have this really good artist friend, whom I have met via our love of pugs, art and blogging. Her name is Melissa and if you like her art, you can buy it HERE at her site called PugNotes. I was lucky enough to win a contest she had on her blog not too long ago. I won a beautiful signed print (of my choice!) and I received it a few days ago. It took me a few days to get my arse in gear and take some photos of it. Again – Thank-you SO much, Melissa!

Here is a shot of me when I first got it, I had just gotten home from work so the print is still in it’s lovely, protective plastic wrapper.

Say Cheese!

Then, later in the week, I had a mini photo shoot with the puggies in order to take a proper photo showing our love of the gift. How cute is this shot? And I’ll tell you, Poley totally put his paw on the print with NO prompting from me. Isn’t he just adorable??!

Mine! Mine! Mine!

Rukia wasn’t behaving at all for these photos. We had just gone through a training session to learn her newest command “sit” and I think she was tuckered out. She looks like she’s kinda falling asleep in the photo.

Cutest Puggies in the World!

And while those photos show just one side of how the photoshoot went. In actuality…it went something more like this (Pugs Gone Wild):

Pugs Gone Wild!


~ by Nevis on February 22, 2008.

11 Responses to “All Pugs are Artists”

  1. Oh lolz, I love it! That print is so cute!!!

    Also, I just read about your boot dilemma! Have you ever bought shoes from They sell boots that have small and larger calf sizes so that everyone can get nice boots. I am actually shocked most of the time that not all boots are made in a few calf sizes. It’s ridiculous that shoemakers would assume that all women have small calves. Anyhow, if you look up Gabrielle Roche shoes on zappos, her shoes are really reasonable (price-wise) and they come in a few calf sizes. I’ve bought her shoes off the zappos canada site and they are really nice quality!

  2. Good Morning!
    Your post just totally made my day! I am so glad you lile your print! i love the photos with your pug babies! may I use one of them in my newsletter? I could not duplicate that wonderful shot in a million years!
    🙂 melissa

  3. interesting… although I wouldn’t hang it over my bed. Waking up in the middle of the night to those eyes might be a bit unnerving.

  4. Wow… so, disregarding most of you post, I loved the quote you started with. I’d never read it before I like it so much, it’s now floating around my blog somewhere. You just made my day too, but for different reasons I guess.

    Also, I think your love for your pugs might be bordering on unhealthy. No wonder you’re hardly on XBL anymore 😀

  5. Your puggies are so cute! Love the art. I should look into having that done for my Ria!

  6. Hi! That print is wonderful! Was it one she already had or did she do it of your puggies? The photo shoot was fun, I liked “Pugs Gone Wild.” 🙂

  7. Melissa is so talented. I often think of having her make something for us.
    Love yours….thay came out awesome!


    Thanks for the comment … I agree Martha is SOOO talented!

  9. Pugs gone wild is the true aname for any pug picture taking! 🙂
    That print is super cute! As are of course your little babies! 🙂

  10. Melissa Rocks! She is so so talented and nice 🙂 hooray that you won one of her prints! It looks so pretty 🙂 the puggies seem to love it too 🙂

  11. That picture is so cute!! They look just like your puggies!

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