Color Me Obsessed

How do I look?

Well, I’m slightly annoyed with myself for letting the blog about Terry and my life almost turn into a record of my obsession of pugs. Granted, I love my pugs dearly, but honestly, there are other things going on in my life, other than Napoleon and Rukia. Seriously, their are. Um…I just can’t think of them at the moment. Work, yes. And cooking. I do love cooking and I still cook dinner everynight for Terry and myself. But I haven’t been doing any art – no painting, drawing, not even any scrapbooking or papercrafts. I feel a very strong itch to create lately. Pretty much the closest I’ve gotten to being creative is taking photos…usually of the pugs.

So, despite wanting to talk about something else in this blog, frankly, I don’t actually have anything new to talk about…other than some cool pictures I took recently….and it was, of course, of the pugs. What can I say? They make great subjects.

Here is Terry with both puggies. I don’t know how, but the dogs always end up sitting on his shoulders. I don’t know which one of them enjoys this more…? The pugs or Terry for having an excuse to make bad pirate jokes.

Dad is our favorite pillow

I took a few cute shots of just Rukia sitting happily in her Daddy’s face.

Dad makes silly faces


Who’s taking my picture?

And then:

Goofing around with Dad

What’s Napoleon during during all this Rukia cuteness? He was sitting on his favorite perch – the top of the couch. This is a rare treat for him as we don’t normally let him sit up there.

Napoleon chills out

And for a parting shot? Some hot puggie french kissing action.

Puggie Porn


~ by Nevis on February 12, 2008.

16 Responses to “Color Me Obsessed”

  1. No need to apologize. Alot of us here are pug lovers / owners and we completely understand how these little guys take over your lives!

  2. They are unbelievably adorable. You have a good reason to concentrate your blog on them. We love seeing them too.

  3. Awww, they are sooo cute! I’ve been away from blogging for a while – welcome baby Rukia!!
    Love Clover xo

  4. Your puggies have the cuteset smiles ever! How did you get so many fantastic shots? You are a a great photographer. You are definitley creating art!
    🙂 Melissa

  5. Its ok, they are such a huge part of your life right now! I remember when I first got Indy, she was all I could talk about. Well now it is her and Gus! 🙂
    Indy loves to sit on my husband (Shane) like that as well. He would lay on the couch and she would sleep under his chin. I have a cute picture of him sleeping sitting up and she is half on his shoulder, half on his chest sleeping. 🙂 They sure love their daddies! ❤

  6. Those are some adorable pups you have there. My daughter is all about puppies right now… she’d love to see these pics.

  7. Bella and Perogi make out all the time too!! So weird, they can go at it for like 10 minutes without stopping. It happened more when perogi was a puppy. It always grosses me out when they do it, even though they technically aren’t brother and sister, it’s still weird to me.

  8. Rukia is so cute! And Napoleon is certainly no slouch in the adorable department, either! Napoleon’s fur has certainly gotten lighter as he ages.

  9. Who wouldn’t be obsessed with these cute little guys?
    Hi! I stopped by to wish Poley, Ruika and their humans a Happy Valentine’s Day and wish them lots of hugs and snuggles!


  10. At least you don’t let your puggies play online all day and have their own website! hehehe I got my Mom right where I want her!
    Nice to meet you, thanks for all the nice comments on my blog. I would like to add you to my friends list! I just love making new friends online. Catch up with you soon!

  11. Happy Valentines Day!
    Melissa and Emmitt

  12. Meh, we are ALL obsessed! Thats why we love looking at eachothers blogs!! I love the pics, and Rukia with her little toungue out and great big smile! Lucky little poley sitting up on the couch!


  13. Rukia and Napolean are adorable:) I understand your obsession with them as we too obsess over our little pugpug. We actually drive a friend of ours crazy with Pugisms and the fact we turn all song lyrics into songs about pugs:)


  14. honestly, your pugs are so adorable and funny that I don’t know who would ever get tired of reading about them? I totally understand your obsession because I’m the same with henri hopper! Thanks for your comments on my blog. It’s nice to meet you & your little family!

  15. I feel the same way! It seems like everything I do eventually ends up being about the pugs. The more I fight it, usually the worse it is 🙂

  16. THey are just so cute!!! I love Rukia’s little tongue sticking out all the time!

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