Fusion Feeding Frenzy

Moooooommy! FEED ME!Okay, I’ve been meaning to post some pictures of what I like to call “Fusion Feeding Frenzy” here at the Manicdote household. When you put food infront of a pug, you must take pictures fast because that food (after a very frenzied excited whine once they realize I’m getting their food ready) will be gone within moments after putting the food dish to the ground. The two of them start pacing, racing back and forth in their crate, running over each other in their eagerness. Then, once that food is down – it’s a no-hold’s barred, all-pugs-for-themselves fight too the last kibble.

Right now, I’m still feeding them a mix of kibble all day and wet-food once a day. If it was just Poley (a little over 4 months old) I would have weened him off wet food by now. But Rukia is still only just barely 8 weeks old and I want to keep her on wet food a little while longer because she’s still a little undersized. But without further ado, here are a few pictures that I just took showing what it looks like around here when I’m feeding my babies.

The first shot (top, left) is how nice they behave BEFORE the food its placed in the crate. Rukia was running around sniffing and I made Napoleon sit and behave while I place the food down. We’re working on the first command, Sit, with Rukia – but we haven’t been that successful yet. We shall prevail, I tell you! My will is stronger than hers!

This second picture is Poley getting too impatient and climbing up on the side of the crate. He sees the food dish in my hand and he wants that food. He is wholly focused on that food in my hand. As you can see, Rukia doesn’t really care. She is somewhat riled up at this point because he is, but I don’t think she really knows why he’s so riled up.


He’s moving around so fast now, you can see that the picture is blurred. Ha! He cracks me up so much. Oh, and I feel compelled to mention that the pink bed is actually Rukia’s. See, we origionally bought them seperate beds. But when they decided to just sleep together on one bed, and ignore the other, we now trade off with the two beds so while one is being washed – they’re using the other…because they enevitablly smoosh food or poop into the bed. Clever, no?


Well, lets just say that they push the food dish around the floor. The food dish starts out on one side of the crate, and it’s always either on the other side or flipped over. I don’t know how they manage it because I’ll go clean up for a few minutes and when I come back – the food dish will be demolished. And they spill food all over the place. We clean their crate DAILY and it still has kibble all over it. Gracious! They are messy eaters. But, I love this shot because you can see – look how nicely they share the food bowl together? I know once they get older we’ll have to eventually buy another food bowl, but right now it’s so cute to see them eating together.

Ahhhh…..soo yummy!

Afterwards, I picked up each of my babies to give them a little loving, and I took the time to take a few photos of Rukia. I feel like we don’t have as many photos of just her, so I’m making a conscious effort to take a few pictures every day of just her. Isn’t she a cutie?

Woot! I’m too cute!

And here’s the extreme close-up of Rukia’s face. You can even see the remnants of food clinging to her whiskers. Aww…I’m sure Napoleon will lick that off later. And yes, I’ve seen them doing this.

Saving that for later

In other news, I won a contest on my artistic friend, Melissa Langer’s blog, called Life is art…Art is Life. I’m SOOOO freaking excited because I love her art and I’ve totally been wanting something from her site but money has been so tight lately. She’s going to send me a signed print (of my choice!) – eek! I’m so happy. Terry and I are going to pick out one together and then once we get it we’ll have it framed. Again, thank-you SO much Melissa. We are so happy to have won!

Breaking Bad

Also, my favorite of the “Favs” on Survivor, Johnny Fairplay, was voted off first. Which kind of sucks (because he cracks me up) but he played the game abominally, so it’s his own fault.

Oh, and right now my favorite TV show is this amazingly interesting and well acted new show called, “Breaking Bad” which airs at 10pm on AMC. It’s already been on for three episodes, but maybe you can catch the show in reruns or OnDemand? The series stars Malcom in the Middle’s Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a struggling high school chemistry teacher with a handicapped child and a pregnant wife. When White is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, he breaks down and turns to a life of crime, setting up a meth lab in order to support his family. I highly, highly recommend this show.


~ by Nevis on February 11, 2008.

21 Responses to “Fusion Feeding Frenzy”

  1. Your babies are SO ADORABLE!!!! I love puppies, of any kind. But these two…!!! Too much. Thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog. I have warm fuzzies, now. Thanks!

  2. Hi! I am so excited that you are excited that you won! Whenver you pick your print, just email me your choice and it will be in the mail pronto. Poley and Rukia are so cute! i love seeing all of your pictures. I can just hear the feeding frenzy as I read your description. Too fun!

  3. Sooo cute! It makes us want to get a second and third pug now!

  4. They act the same way my guys do! Indy makes high pitched keaning(?) noises when she discovers i am going to scoop up some food for her and Gus leaps around excitedly.. usually landing in a water bowl!
    I used to have that exact same set of dishes for Indy… her knocking them over and the noise they made when she ate drove us batty.. so we bought her the non tip over bowls. 🙂 Gus still manages to dump water and spray kibble all over though.. adn the cats enjoy their metal bowls! 🙂
    Your babies are so precious! It makes want to get more too!!

  5. I have heard about that show, I will wait till they re-air so i can watch it from scratch. Dexter starts replaying ont he 17th and I am looking forward to that!

  6. Replaying on CBS or Showtime?

  7. The pictures of the puggies are so adorable. Every time you post a picture of them it is so cute. This story was fun! Thanks for sharing it. I can just picture the vacuuming up of kibble going on in there.

    The picture of the guy in his underwear? Not so adorable. 🙂
    I’m going to have to watch that show now.

  8. The puggies are so adorable. I love that they sleep together and get along so well!

  9. Man, that makes me want a puppy again! Such precious little faces! But, then, I remember the potty training and will be content just looking at your babies. LOL!

  10. I know…..they are adorable and I love them dearly, but I will be VERY happy when the potty training is over and they’re old enough to behave on their own. It is A LOT of work having puppies. More work than I thought it would!

  11. wow.. that looks eerily familiar… very similar to the feeding frenzy that takes place twice a day here! i was gonna comment on them sharing the one bowl, but they seem to be eating so nicely together! W and D have their own bowls and they devour all of it very noisily within a minuite! If one finishes first, its a job to keep them away from diving into the others’ bowl!!

    The pics are so adorable, isnt poley a good boy, sitting and waiting!


  12. We actually started out with two bowls…but they would eat together out of one bowl, then move to the other bowl….eating together at the same time. So after a while we just gave up and condensed it to one set of bowls. However, should they start to get agressive about feeding, we’ll go back to two seperate bowls.

  13. They are so adorable. He thinks he is alpha because he was there first and therefore needs to eat first, get treats first, etc. or he will resent her.

  14. That is very true. I usually try and set the food down and let him have it to himself for a minute or so, and then let her join him.

  15. Breaking Bad is SO GOOD! I watched it last week and was mesmerized!!!

    Also, your puggies are so cute! Love it.

  16. Y’all are making me rethink my border collie urges. (shhh! don’t tell the Aged)

    I’m glad to see Poley is confident enough to show us he pink bed. 😉

  17. er…. should be “his pink bed.” Unless it’s not.

  18. Haha it will be on CBS season one starts on the 17th, 10pm pacific time. On HBO they are on the 3rd or 4th season so I am not sure if they will run it like a normal show with repeats or just show all the seasons in order.
    Do you watch Lost at all? Highly recommend that!!

  19. Awwww they are soooo cute!! I love Rukia’s expression on the last one with the kibble on the cheek. Looks like Poley is taking care of his sister 🙂

  20. Tony trained Giggs to lie down before he gets his breakfast/dinner. We just ask him ‘where are your manners?’ or say ‘manners’ and he lies down in front of his dish. Then we can place the food down without a kibble explosion. He doesn’t touch it until we say ‘OK’, then he dives in. He’s gotten so good at it that when he knows he’s getting fed, he automatically does it without being told. Then I praise him on his good manners. It took Tony less than a week to teach him this.

  21. Hey Nevis!

    Thought you’d be interested to hear that Breaking Bad has been picked up for a second season with a 13 episode order… http://www.ohiomm.com/blogs/heldenfiles/2008/05/07/more-breaking-bad/

    Hope you and Van are doing well…

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