Disorderly Bathing 101

I’m confused…Well, last night Terry and I decided that we needed to bathe the puggies. It had been about 2 1/2 weeks since Napoleon’s last bath, but only one since Rukia’s and they were getting pretty ripe. Mostly because they seem to find it worthwhile to poop on there pee-pee pad, and then walk on it a few minutes later. Why do they do this? Mostly to annoy me, I think. *shakes fist in fustration* Actually, Poley didn’t used to do this before Rukia. I think she’s a bad influence on him, I really do. If you look at her, she looks all sweet an innocent, but she’s a bad girl, I’m telling you!

Although I’m happy to report her potty training is going very well and they’re getting along quite famously now. No fights, they play very well together, and most of the time we’ll find them asleep, curled around each other. Rukia’s really come out of her shell and she’s very vocal – lots of cute little barks, snores, farts, snuffles, whines, etc. It’s quite amusing because Napoleon in contrast is very quiet as far as Pugs go (although he does snore quite loud).

So, without further ado, here is a small gallery of photos from the bath last night. And don’t think we’re freaks who bathe with their dogs. Terry had to jump into the bathtub last night to corral them into one side of the tub because they were running around and Poley tried to escape on more than one occasion (one time successfully). And yes, Terry was clothed. Perverts.

Okay, first shot. This is when we put her in the bath and she didn’t like it. Not one bit.

Bath 4

Here’s the best picture of her , trying to get out of the tub. It’s not cruel that this shot makes me laugh, is it..!?


And the last picture is a great parting shot of Napoleon all wet, right after his great escape… When Napoleon jumped out of the tub and went running down the hallway, Terry retrieved Poley and then jumped in the tub to make sure the pugs stayed put. Such a great guy! And you can just spy Rukia in the background refusing to move, and whining about the entire process.


My thought its…….if it’s this much work for them when they’re young…..what’s it going to be like once they’re both bigger!? Yikes!

Go Johnny Fairplay!In other news, tonight is the season premiere of “Survivor 16: Fans vs. Favs” and I’m SO excited. My favorite contestant was this guy named Johnny Fairplay and he’s on the show. Sweet! So I’ll definately be watching. I’m even dragging Terry into watching the show with me, despite his complaining that the show is vapid and innane. I pointed out to him that I watch WWE for him, and that I just wanted him to give the show a try – and he agreed that he’ll watch it with an open mind. I hope he gets hooked!


~ by Nevis on February 7, 2008.

19 Responses to “Disorderly Bathing 101”

  1. Can two pugs being bathed be any cuter? And what you guys do in the privacy of your own house is your business . . .

  2. Hey!!!!! 😛

  3. too adorable for words!! We bath bella and perogi one at a time in our kitchen sink. We have a little system. Jeff holds them down as i use the sprayer to lather and rinse. We then towel each one off before they can do the shakeroo and shake water everywhere. it actually works quite well and the pugs don’t mind it too much.

  4. Poor pathetic little guys! When Indy was a puppy I could bath her in the kitchen sink, but one handed so she wouldn’t leap on to the floor. Now I use the bathtup, but one at a time! 🙂 I too have hope in the tub with them (clothed) but it’s just as easy not to.
    How old are your babies?

  5. Those are the cutest pictures!! Nothing cuter than a wet puggie. And to answer your question, they only get better as they get older, and even more fun… trust me, it is possible!

  6. They are so young still!! Puppies are so much fun! Makes me want another one, but we need to get a handle on Gus first!
    Indy used to walk through her pee pad too :p
    But I think its not too good to bathe them to often as it removes the natural oils from their fur. (?)

  7. Hey guys! I’m sorry you had to have a bath. They are the worst aren’t they! But take comfort in the fact that your mom and dad think they are helping you by doing this. Humans!

  8. Lol, that last picture is a caption contest waiting to happen!

  9. Look at the squishy puggies! Too cute! Emmitt asked me to invite you over to our blog when you have time. He has a surprise for you!

  10. I had a bath too !!!Those looks could kill !

  11. Hi again
    Will email anytime I want to rant and rave about mommy!!!or her about me.Thanks for the offer,you guys are sweet!

  12. awww….. so cute! Willow is the only one the like baths…Turbo and Belle HATE them!

  13. Hi Poley and Rukia! I left a Someone Special award for you at my place. It’s for your mom and dad too, so share nicely!

  14. Aww they are so cute! I get in the shower with the puggies as its in a cubicle, so its a bit hard to shower them with the door closed! (Jon thinks i am mad!)


  15. How manly Poley looks with that black hair across his chest! Hubba-hubba!

    If it is cruel to laugh (but how can you help it?), they’ll find a way to even the score.

    Glad they’re getting along so nicely. Rukia is darling!

  16. So cute! My puggies hate to have a bath too. They make sure to get me soaked to let me know of their displeasure.

  17. Both pugs here hate baths and we only do one pug at a time…Winston is our little escape artist and sometimes I just don’t know how he does it. When he was little, though, we bathed him in the kitchen sink! I can’t believe he was ever that little now. It will get easier.

  18. I was excited that Fairplay was going to be on this season’s Survivor too. Too bad he got kicked off so early. He totally wimped out.

    Love the pug bath photos.

  19. I have tried the hair dryer with Indy, she treats it like the she does the vacuum.. alot of barking and darting back and forth! I towel dry them quite well and i mkae sure the heat is up so they don’t get chilled. I don’t mind playing with them with the towel just so they know that baths aren’t all bad.. although the cookie after helps too!
    Nail clipping hmmm.. Indy has a nervous breakdown so I take her to petcetera to get it done. But the funny thing is their nails are long and so are the ‘quick’s’. I have watched indy walk, she walks on her pads, not her nails. Gus is more easy going about that, but still I have better luck cutting the cat claws!

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