Woot! I won!

A lot of websites are giving stuff away lately and I haven’t won anything. I was getting pretty depressed about this, figuring that the world was consipiring against me, keeping Allison, Terry, Napoleon & Rukia down. Well, that was until I won something. Page’s Blog was celebrating her 1-year anniversary of blogging and she gave away one of the candles that she sells in her spare time. I’m pretty excited because I love candles and it’s right before Valentine’s Day, so of course it works out perfectly. Here is a mini-slide show of what it looked like as I opened said gift:

I’m so excited!

And then I opened it and read the lovely card. So sweet!

This is where Page is telling me that she is sending evil robots after me.

And then I opened the Gold Canyon candle in the scent “Cinnamon Bayberry” and smelled it. It smells great!

                                                                    Smells like Pug!

So, one more time, thank-you VERY much Page! What a wonderful candle and Terry and I are totally enjoying it. It works so well since we’re totally lazy and haven’t taken our Christmas Tree down (I cropped it out of the pictures). Personally, I like to thinke we’re just very festive people and we’re expanding the season. Yes, that’s it. No, not lazy at all.


~ by Nevis on February 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “Woot! I won!”

  1. Hooray! congratulations! candles are so nice! Yayyy you won! woo wooooo

  2. So glad you got it and you like it!! Congrats again!

  3. I do love it. And now that I have to keep seeing myself in these ridiculous photos – I’m rather embarassed. Man, they’re horribly unflattering! 😮

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