Tampa Bay Allie

Okay, so last week I was in Tampa, Florida for most of the week on business. It was such a beautiful city and warm (80 degrees) – I really loved the city, although I did miss Terry and the puggies terribly. Here are some great pictures I took of the city and my time there. Here’s the skyline right by my hotel. My hotel is the building on the bottow left of the picture…right on the canal! There are these cool river/canals all through the city and the schools are frequently practicing rowing in them, and there will be fancy yachts in them. Very cool! It reminded me a lot of Seville, Spain.

Skyline of Tampa

This is a great shot of the University of (Edit: South) Florida in the distance. I was walking home from work for the day (back to my hotel) and crossing over the canal. I turned back and the sky looked so dramatically beautiful behind the backdrop of the School’s turrets. I just had to take a shot. It also looks really cool how the car got kinda blurry in the shot.

University of Florida at dusk

This shot is of WFLA-TV NBC in Tampa. This is where I was training. I am training to be the backup for the “Traffic” manager. You can see the station is merely across the canal from my hotel and it’s also in a beautiful location.


Here’s a picture of me walking down the street looking happy in the big city (despite missing my family):

I’m supa fly.

And then finally here’s a shot of what I loved most about Tampa – Deep Fried Cheesecake with cinnamon ice cream. Need I say more?

Best Dessert Ever. Period.

Oh, and here’s a shot of some cute puggies because it’s nearly impossible to have a post without putting up a picture of them. This is a rare shot of them behaving and sleeping peacefully together.

So cute!


~ by Nevis on February 3, 2008.

12 Responses to “Tampa Bay Allie”

  1. Aww it was nice to see where you went, it looks very nice there! And the cheesecake?! mmm! We’re glad you had a nice time and that you are home, safe and sound…

    We also love the adorable picture of the Puggies!

    Love Livvy, Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  2. Just saw your blog linked from Page’s. Glad you like the candle. Also, just so you know, that first pic is the University of SOUTH Florida, not UF. As Page and I are UF grads, there is a BIG difference! 🙂

  3. Oh, I wish I was somewhere warm right now. All this cold weather is starting to depress me!

  4. Okay, I fixed it……it should say “University of SOUTH Florida”, now. Nevertheless – beautiful school grounds!

  5. Hi and thanks for leaving a comment on my new blog! I hadn’t made it over to Pug Posse’s blog yet this morning so I was so excited to see your message that I had won her giveaway!

    I look forward to reading your blog! : )

  6. I lived in Tampa for 1 summer a long time ago. I loved it, it’s beautiful. Minus the humidity it’s paradise. ps..that cheesecake look heavenly.yum…..

  7. Congrats on winning. I entered a bunch but didn’t win anything.

  8. Wow it looks like you had fun even if you were there on business. The photos are great! I know it is great to be back home with hubby and puggys!

    I have tagged Poley for a game. Hope you have fun with it!

  9. awww puggies!

    dude – I BARELY PASSED – but hell – I passed! YEA! now on to 3 more! booo.

  10. Gandalf & Grayson’s Mom here.

    I lived in Tampa for over 20 years. Your wide-eyed wonder and positve impression of the city was much different than my own. I wish I could have felt that wasy about it, because I had to be there. I moved to Georgia 2 years ago, to a much smaller, slower-paced town. Ahhhh.

    Good luck with your new traffic position!

  11. Hooray for jobs that send you to warmer weather for training! Looks like a beautiful city . . .

  12. Hello to that cheesecake dish…wow!

    Welcome back!

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