Grumpy Con Carne

Me? No! That was the dog…I love Georgia and Alabama, I really do. But there are a few annoying things about this place. And now I will list them for you and rant.

A. Name Changes: Why on earth do they feel the need to change names of stores like Ralph’s (West coast) and Kroger (East coast). Okay, I totally get the fact that these were two seperate companies and they merged, so they kept the names seperate on the different coasts so people would know the difference, but frankly, in this day and age – it’s just silly. I’m smart enough to “get it” when they change the name of a store. There are also Carl’s Jr. (aka Hardees) or the mayonaise Best Foods (aka Hellmen’s) – it just annoys me. Call it a pet peeve. I don’t care – I just call it annoying.

B. Food not being available. For instance, I like chili. I’m not some crazy chili-fiend who eats it daily or something, but sure, yeah, every once and a while I like to heat up a can of chili, throw a hot dog in it with some cheese, fritos and avocado slices – and I’m a happy camper. But my favorite brand of chili, Dennison’s Original Chili Con Carne with Beans, is not available in the Southeast where I now reside. Why not? I have no idea why! Actually, the chili section of the grocery store is woefully small and only has Hormel. Ick.  And that’s my point. I’m not some sort of chili-freak, but now I’ve got a craving – probally because I can’t have it. And I must itch that scratch. Wait. Reverse those. And I won’t even bring up the sausages I can’t find, spices, frozen puff pasty, and certain veggies and herbs.

And while I enjoy the…peculiarities of my new home, it’s certain flavor, its…edible cultural heritage (like fried chicken, grits and okra) – and let us not confuse my complains for a desire to turn the United States into a homogeneous, bland culture – like one sort of giant food court where you can get the same food everywhere and at any time.  Because that’s not what I want. I just want my damn chili.


~ by Nevis on January 25, 2008.

9 Responses to “Grumpy Con Carne”

  1. Nevis, that is the…I am not sure which honestly! That’s my…um…female part! So is that the frank or the beans? Or is it something else entirely like the molasses or the brown suga’?
    So, seriously? The Chili section in Alabama is small? I thought that it would be big and spicy!
    love ya!
    Jemima Jones Beck

  2. Aww Poor thing, maybe you could order some on the net?

    Love Livvy, Weeny and Daisy xx xx

    Pee Ess, you made our mummys mouth water at the thought of that chilli meal, and now SHE wants some too! hehe!

  3. Having grown up in the south, and then moved to a bigger city for a short while (and by “bigger” I mean Gainesville, Florida, which isn’t really big but is a university town and actually HAS an Old Navy, so I consider it bigger…) I totally understand the lack of selection. Do you have a Publix? I told my hubby I refuse to live anywhere that isn’t within decent driving distance of a Publix and a Target. My personal rules. Publix seems to have a much better selection of products that any other grocery store. When you mentioned chili the first thing I thought of was Hormel! LOL…that’s the only kind I know of!

  4. Thank Allah for At least you can order a case to sate your hunger.

    And should you desire, you can also order a delicious elk carcass.

  5. It goes a lot further than just Kroger and Ralph’s stores. The Vast Kroger Empire reaches far and wide, and has no fewer than 23 different store brands of supermarkets that fall under their control. Up here in Washington, we have two different types of Kroger-owned stores (QFC and Fred Meyer,) and I shop at both on a fairly regular basis.

    A lot of this has to do with the fact that Kroger made a fair number of mergers back in the late Nineties, and appears to have decided to just keep the existing names of the stores. People don’t take kindly to big companies coming in and “borging” their stores, as Albertsons has found out on several occasions when they were forced to bring back the Sav-on Drugs and Lucky brand names in response to customer backlash. Macy’s borging of a number of regional department store chains such as The Bon Marche and Dayton’s remains a sore spot with a lot of customers as well.

    Never underestimate the power of brand loyalty.

  6. An ELK CARCASS?! That’s…hilarious! Thanks for making my day, Ayatollah. I forgive you for the bib comment. And Brian, yikes, that’s nuts..!

  7. When I moved from TN to SE Georgia, I even noticed changes (you couldn’t get Mayfield ice cream anywhere!)
    I can’t imagine the differences from North and South. A few months ago, some friend from up North mentioned that they had never heard of Chick-fil-A. I thought everyone knew what Chick-fil-A was.

  8. You are too funny. Don’t get Mommy started on what she can’t find by moving from New York City (the be-all-and-end-all when it comes to finding whatever you want whenever you want) to a town of less than 10,000 in Alaska!

  9. Ah, New York! Frances Louise, I feel your pain! I once moved from NYC to Philly (not too bad a change) and then to a leetle tiny cow town in California. aaaaaaagh!!!

    “Bring out the Best Foods and bring out the Best!” How dumb is that? It’s redundant. “Bring out the Hellman’s . . .” is much better.

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