Gratuitous Nudity

Well, in my ever growing desire to increase my hit count for the site (why? I don’t know!) I’m resorting to posting gratuitous nudity. Oh yes. Check out Napoleon in all his glory. This is how he is usually sitting between my arms while I’m surfing the internet. Silly Poley!

Gratuitous nudity beware!


~ by Nevis on January 22, 2008.

17 Responses to “Gratuitous Nudity”

  1. Is he sleeping? I know this sounds disturbing, but it looks like he is in rigor mortis . . .

  2. He is! I have a pug of the rare ZOMBIE variety…!! All the time he is, “Brains! Must have BRAINS!!!”

  3. Oh so cute!

  4. adorable!!

  5. Aaah! Full frontal pug nudity!

  6. Oh, so graphic! LOL! If there is one thing puggies are good at, it’s laying belly up on our laps!

  7. I think this gratuitous nudity is waaaay on the cute side! How adorable.

  8. Adorable..I love it when my Pugs rest on me as I am on my laptop…

  9. *snort* you are so going to get a lot of hits on that one! I’d like to see what sort of searches find you. lol!

  10. Hehehe Aww Poley looks gorgeous! I love puggy tummys! I cant believe you are getting a new puggy? Dish the gossip! Why? How? Ok, not why lol1

    Love Livvy, Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  11. soooo bellylicious

  12. Had to come back for another peek at that cute tummy!

  13. Hey there! Jemima Jones Beck here!
    My Mom’s Psychologist has his own blog (which, Mom reads, maybe a bit to frequently), and he recently tried inserting special phrases into his blog posts to attract readers (phrases such as “paris hilton topless”). He says that it didnt improve his readership all that much. How did the nudity thing work for you? (I am looking to increase my readership, so I am just asking, out of, you know, scientific curiosity and such).
    Jemima Jones Beck
    PS Mom says that if you want to check out her shrink you can do so by clicking on the “Cherry Creek Psychology” link on our blog…just in case you, like, need ANOTHER blog to read (because we all need ANOTHER blog to read, right)?!?!

  14. Poley is the cutest puppy ever!

  15. Thats the best position for the maximumest belly scratches !!!

  16. PS:If it brings more people by mommy said she would remove the black bar on my butt hole in future pics and advertise the nudity content in my blog too!

  17. I’m telling you, that is just about the CUTEST pug I have ever seen!
    What a sweet face!
    Sandra Evertson

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