Have question about my Pug:

Blogger Award 1First off, I want you to know that you’re reading an Award-Winning Blog. I knew my efforts wouldn’t go unappreciated for long…and I was right. Just recently, I won two blogging “awards” and I want to take this opportunity to thank them… before I forget, and then they start talking about me behind my back Go ahead, make my day…and referring to me as “that ungrateful Nevis person”. Sooo…Rusty, thank-you for the award, I’m touched. AND, thank-you Weeny & Daisy for your award….I’m honored! 🙂 I’m also putting up pictures of said awards so everyone can look at them, admire them and totally be jealous of me.

Also, have you heard about this internet phenomenon called “Pay It Forward”..? Well, it’s basically this thing where you give (the first three respondents to your post) a handmade gift, and then they have to in return, give away three gifts, and so on. Does that make sense? Well, I responded to my bloggy friend, Clover’s Adventures, and I should be getting a gift from her. I’m SO excited about that…I wonder what I’ll get? Of course, this also means that I have to “Pay It Forward” to three people on my blog – so – that’s you guys. If you’re reading this, I’ll send three of you something handmade. But, you also have to do it on your blog in return. Get the rules? Be one of the first three people to post to my blog and say “I’m In!!!” and you’ll win…!

Tampa w/out Terry :(Let’s see, what else has been going on? My job is sending me to Tampa for some training for a few days during the week of January 28th. I love going to new places but it will be hard to be apart from Terry and Poley. I will miss them! I wish Terry could come with me but he can’t really get the time off work, unfortunately. But I did some research on the city and it looks really pretty! It should be as fun as a business trip can be.

Also, work required me to become a “Notary” for the State of Georgia because aparently I’ll need to notarize things as a part of my job. So I spent the first few hours of my day yesterday waiting in line at the courthouse getting sworn in and made official. So now I’m completely legit and I have this cool stamp with my name on it. I’ve amused myself by notarizing post-it notes, emails, paper air planes, etc around the office. I’m lucky they put up with my shenanigans.

Speaking of shenanigans, what’s going on with  Napoleon? Not much new, really. He climbed on of Terry the other day & I took Terry Mountain a picture. Isn’t he adorable!?  Poley is starting to get lighter in color and loose his dark trace down his spine. It’s so fun to watch him get bigger! You know, that reminds me of a problem we’re having with him and I don’t know if it’s a Napoleon-issue or a Pug-issue…

Well, when we feed him, he will put his paws in his bowl and flick all the food onto the ground and then eat it off the ground. Or sometimes not eat it at all. I think he’s playing with it, more than anything. Every day we come home and he’ll have flung his food all over his crate! And I’m not sure it’s a “seperation anxiety” thing, because he’ll do it even when we’re home. It’s like he just likes pushing his food onto the ground and eating it there. Is this a pug issue? Is the food bowl possibly not the easiset thing for him to eat out of? I don’t think it’s that, because it’s only about maybe 1 inch tall and rather shallow. Click here for a picture of it. I specifically chose it because it was small and shallow. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


~ by Nevis on January 16, 2008.

19 Responses to “Have question about my Pug:”

  1. About the picking food out of the bowl thing, my pug does that too – it’s funny, she’ll scoop individual pieced onto the floor and eat them there – just like your pug. I think this must be normal behavior for pugs. She will stick her whole head in the bowl and eat like a piggy in a trough when she is really hungry, but usually she uses her paw. Also, something interesting I just found out – dogs are right or left-pawed (like humans are right or left-handed). I watched my pug scoop food out of her dish the other day and realized that she is a left-pawed pug. She also uses her left paw to hold her kong when trying to get a treat out.

  2. Napoleon used to do this when he was a puppy. I think they are kind of playing with their food. Silly pugs. My Napoleon ended up growing out of it but we ended up switching his food because I think part of the problem was that he really didn’t like his food that much.

    Tampa sounds like fun. I wish I could go somewhere warm for work.

    PS. Congrats on your blogging awards.

  3. Chloe and Rosie love to eat off the floor. When I feed everyone in the morning, Chloe and Rosie wait for me to put a few kibbles on the floor by their bowls…then they eat. I have stainless bowls as when we used ceramic Chloe used to get HUGE pimples, we switched and never another problem…except that the bowls are easily moved around the kitchen!

  4. So…do jackie, Michelle & Punchbugpug want to participate in the “Pay it Forward”? If so, let me know.

    Oh, and thank-you for the ideas. Either it’s just Poley playing with his food and being a pug, or he doesn’t like his food that much. It does seem somewhat unlike a Pug to play with there food and then NOT eat it. Maybe he doesn’t like it? What sort of kibble do you guys feed your pugs?

  5. Congratulations on your awards and becoming a notary. How fun! I also love to hear that you are excited for your business trip. Most people do not appreciate the opportunity to see someplace new and learn on top of it for free! You have a wonderful positive spirit that always comes through. 🙂 The newest picture of Poley’s perch is so cute. As far as the food thing, I think the only way to truly know what the little guy is doing is to try a different food bowl and see if that is contributing to the food flinging. Wouldn’t it be great if we could ask them what they are doing? I would love to hear some of my Emmitt’s answers.
    🙂 melissa

  6. Hi there! I don’t think it’s necessarily a pug thing to take the food out and eat it off the floor. My sister’s german shepard/saint bernard mix does the exact same thing as Poley – he puts his paw in his dish, dumps the whole thing out, and usually walks away without eating it. He will only eat the food if you are in the room with him. He especially likes to be HAND FED his kibbles!!
    That being said, Clover loves to play with anything and everything, but has never played with her kibble. She is too busy scarfing it all down in less than 30 seconds to bother playing with it!! I haven’t heard of pugs turning their noses at too much food-wise, but I guess just like people, it is all individual. We feed Clover “Natural Balance” Holistic Puppy Food – this is in Canada, so I think it is TechniCal in the States.
    Sorry I can’t help really, as I have never had a problem getting Clover to eat… maybe try putting a little bit of something healthy and tasty on the kibbles to get him to eat it – like plain yogurt or those doggie gravies?

  7. Hellooo! Weeny eats out of his bowl.. like a piggy, i may add! Daisy, however, will take some out with her mouth then put it on the floor and eat it in little bits! Shes always done this, so we’re not so worried 🙂

    Also, you deserve the awards! Hooray! Also I would totally have been stamping everything in the office if i had a cool official stamp like that!

    Oh and about Alex? She is a trained dancer and loves to teach dance, but there weren’t that many opportunities here, so she applied for jobs in America and Canada, and an amazing opportunity came up in Toronto, and she took it! Good for her!

    Love Livvy (and of Course, Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  8. Poley = Ass

    (oh yeah, I went there!)

  9. Kiki does the exact same thing with her food. Always has. Doesn’t matter what we serve it in.
    Tampa is fun! I was born a mere 30 miles from there. Say hi to my Nanny wontcha?
    Congrats on the awards! I wanna be an award winning blog! For Pete’s sake I’ve been blogging almost 7 years!
    Also, I can never seem to get an email through to you. Please email me your email. I’m not a stalker I swear! heyshanny at gmail dot com.

  10. My friend’s cat does this. We can’t figure out why. And when I was growing up we had a horse that would shove her muzzle in her bin and sweep out half the oats.

    You might want to google “peke faced” and see if anything comes up. I vaguely recall reading somewhere that peke faced breeds (persian cats, pug dogs, pekingese) sometimes have eating quirks due to the structure of their face — something about short jaw and short nasal passages.

    Poley’s getting big! Is it the pic? Or is he beginning to get a bit husky? (hubba, hubba!)

  11. Hey there, I AM IN!!!! It is so nice to hear you speak so happily. Hey let us know if you guys have time on Saturday or Sunday to record for our podcast.

  12. My pug has always inhaled her food…she would never leave the food out of her mouth (or stomach, as I don’t believe she actually chews the food) long enough to play with it first. I think she has some issues due to her birth mother. Her birth mother (my brother’s pug) was very young when she had her first litter and did not want to nurse the 5 babies. We had to either hold the mother down, or bottle feed the puppies. Zoe has always been a little anxious about her food, and I secretly blame it on her mother.

  13. My brother Wendell used to throw much of his food on the floor before eating it, but he still gobbled it up pretty quickly. Perhaps Napoleon needs a bib.

  14. Rusty’s mom: I don’t know about it baing a pug thing, but a cat I had one time would scoop food from one side into the water side then scoop that wet food onto the floor and eat it. What a wet soggy mess! I had to buy two seperate bowls. It was funny, though to watch.

  15. Poley! I’m glad you like my license plate! Here is how to get your own, just click on the plate on my side bar and you can go get your very own!

  16. Winston and Sela eat like they’ve been starved for days, so I can’t relate…sorry! I think Winston might have done that as a puppy but he outgrew it…Napoleon probably will as well.

  17. Cool – a notary! Everyone needs a notary! Hope you received one of those nice embossed stamper as well.

    Sorry, can’t help with Poley’s problem, either. I eat my food right out of my bowl . . .

  18. Napolean looks grown up!!

  19. Indy used to do that too.. she wouldn’t eat all of her food either. She would scoop up a mouthful and carry it over to us, spit out on the floor and then eat it up one at a time. 🙂 SInce we got Gus though, she chows down. 🙂

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