Love and Hate Meme

I found this really cool little meme on someone else’s blog and I thought it was interesting! So here are my answers and I ask you all to go do the same on your own blogs. And then, of course, I posted a gratuitous picture of Napoleon. He’s SO cute! And, an awesome assisant-blogger…!

Are you lookin’ at me?

1. I love to eat: …cheeseburgers
2. I hate to eat: …mustard
3. I love to go: …out to eat
4. I hate to go: …to the dentist
5. I love it when: …Terry kisses me
6. I hate it when: …a vacation is over
7. I love to see:  …movies in the theater
8. I hate to see: …advertisements before the movie starts in the theater
9. I love to hear: …a great rock song while driving
10. I hate to hear: …that cold weather is coming!


~ by Nevis on January 15, 2008.

8 Responses to “Love and Hate Meme”

  1. We gave you another award! hehe! come nad have a look 😀 Pee ess, we lovel the poley pic!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

  2. He looks very serious about this blogging thing.

  3. Napoleon – you’re so CUTE!

    The WriggleButts

  4. Cheeseburgers ???Willow,Belle and OM Turbo love to have a bite of those too…. I will have to do this one too….

  5. You hate the dentist? What? I’m hurt.

  6. Sorry Bella & Perogi’s Dad…….but bad experiences from when I was a child. I remember this one dentist yelling at me and telling me to stop being a baby…that it didn’t really hurt. Can you believe that? Also, this one time a dentist gave me too much gas and I threw up on him…and he yelled at me. Wow, why do dentists keep yelling at me?

  7. Because you are being a baby.

  8. Oh no he didn’t!

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