Darkly Dreaming Dexter

DexterNot sure if you guys are aware (but since I work for a CBS affiliate – I’ve known this for a while)…but Dexter, the amanzing Showtime televison show is coming to network television. This is all because of the WGA…….So, go writers! CBS, seeking to fill programming holes left by the writers’ strike, said on Monday (1/7/08), it will rerun the entire first season of the crime drama “Dexter” from Showtime, its sister cable channel, starting next month on Febuary 17th. I can’t wait! While I’ve already seen this show, I missed the season finale so I can’t wait to re-watch all of this, and I hope it airs to a great rating sweep and they also show the 2nd season which I missed entirely.

I hope the fat cats of Hollywood break down and give the writers the money they deserve………Poley smells goooooood…!however, I think this is quite a smart idea for the various networks to borrow programming from sister cable networks and air it on there channels in order to produce “new to you” programming.

So, check out “Dexter” in Febuary on your local CBS channel and catch a fantastic show you might have missed the first time around. And if you Hollywood fat cats are reading this (highly unlikely, but you never know) – PAY THEM THEIR MONEY! We wouldn’t have any of these shows to air if it weren’t for the creative people. Do we really want nothing but reality shows and game shows all day every day? Yikes!

And above and to the right —-> is my daily gratuitous picture of Poley. LOVE HIM!!!


~ by Nevis on January 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Darkly Dreaming Dexter”

  1. I LOVE Dexter – but I hope with it being on the big network that it doesn’t change the show in the future. What about the swearing??

    The season finale was AWESOME.

    Also, Poley is adorable!!

  2. Aww Hey Poley! That is a lovely pic of you! Our mummy has never hear of Dexter but says it sounds good!

    Pee Ess, your morning routine is even crazier than ours!! hehee!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

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