WGA Strike Blues? A Cure is Found!

Hi guys! Has the WGA strike got you down? Do you miss your comedies and dramas? Are you sick of the reality TV rut? Well have no fear true believer because I am here to provide you with the next best thing to a new episode of your favorite show! Witness as I cross the picket line to provide synopsis of new episodes for your favorite shows!

 Episode: The Talented Mr. Grissom

Summary: It is a shocking night in Las Vegas as the Crime Lab is taxed to their limit when more then two people get killed in one night taxing the team to its limits. Tension runs high when only one team member is assigned to each crime. Even with their crazy fast DNA testing and Magic Photoshop buttons can the team catch the culprits? It turns out all the cases are related as all of the victims were killed with boil weevils and chicken grease. Grissom uses his knowledge of entomology (boring and gross insect junk) to piece together the mystery. It turns out that the insects were let loose by the weekly character actor, the chicken grease was just a fetish because pretty much every episode is some werid sex pervert so why mess with that winning formula. Grissom also makes a lot of witty/smug/ironic comments that make Greg think that he is an ass. Also in this episode Warwick is killed by a velocyraptor.

Episode: The Hiro in Me

Summary: The new season of Heros starts with a shocking twist that tops all shocking twists that have come in every episode ever! In this land mark, watershead episode we find out that Hiro has been replaced by Future Hiro, who is now EVIL…and part CYBORG, and THE SON OF HITLER! Anything to keep this stuff going. Things turn even worse for the united forces of Peter, Niki, and Claire…..when Sylar discovers he can use the Vulcan Nerve Pinch on Claire’s ass….and TOTALLY get away with it! Truely he has no shame! Also in this episode Mr. Bennett discovers he has had a power all along…the power of being a total badass! He then proceeds to sucker-punch Batman and bitch-slap Superman’s head clean off so hard that it impacts on the Moon and destroys it.

Episode: Seriously, are you kidding me?

Summary: You this is actually the easiest show because I can write it just as well as the old writers. I will just make a bunch of random ass crap up. Watch! It is really easy! Jack makes his way back to the island only to find himself face to face with that polar bear again. The polar bear challenges him to a game of chess with the lives of the other survivors hanging in the balance. Then we are thrown into a flashback about the polar bear and how he was once a successful investment banker before happenstance brought him to the island…happenstance being twelve bottles of Rum and twice as many callgirls. At the same time Sawyer battles with The Others. He winds up getting captured and forced to watch Sandra Bullock movies until he is converted to their side.  Kate then discovers another hatch, inside are rabid mongooses who must feast on human blood! NEXT WEEK: More zany and pointless crap!

 So there you have it, consider yourself freed from the oppresion of the WGA strike!


~ by vanredd on January 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “WGA Strike Blues? A Cure is Found!”

  1. Honey…you are so funny…..! LOL…!

  2. Man, you guys rock. What a great blog!

  3. Pretty accurate synopsies . . . I am a Project Runway fan myself . . . although my parents have got me into watching the new American Gladiators . . .

  4. Nevis…. Thanks for your comforting words. We appreciate the support.

    You are an adorable puggie puppy. You make our Mommy want another pug puppy.

  5. Lol, those are awesome! I’m know I’m a Brit so we don’t have it as bad as you guys – we still have plenty of entertaining programmes, though I use the term ‘entertaining’ in its broadest possible sense (Big Brother, anyone?)

    I can’t wait for the strike to end though because I miss all the quality shows from your side of the pond; Heroes, Lost, Reaper, Big Bang Theory, and my personal favourite 24. Sort it out, Hollywood!

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