National Snore

Halo 3Okay, finally getting around to writing about this. What did I do over the weekend? Let’s see…Friday night I played some Halo 3, which was…sorta fun. And I say “sorta” because Xbox Live is having a lot of major laggy-issues right now and my friends and I spent most of the night chatting in the lobby rather than playing. And the few times we were able to play, the game glitched and lagged so badly, it certainly wasn’t any fun. However, chatting with my friends was fun….so basically I spent the evening chatting, not playing. Oh well. Hopefully Microsoft gets their shit together and it starts working again properly SOON.

 On Saturday Terry and I went and got his car an oil change and went grocery shopping. Then I took him up to Columbus and showed him around my job and some cool places around town, mostly in the St. Elmo or Lakebottom district which I recently found and realized I want to live there. It is crazy beautiful. I am really growing to love the Columbus, GA area. I’ll post pictures as soon as I take some.

We also went to Barnes & Noble and I may have done a little clothes National Snoreshopping…but I needed a few things for work. Later that night we met up with my friend April who I met at work, and saw the Nicholas Cage movie, “National Treasure.” I liked the movie in the way that one can enjoy a only slighty-plausable action-adventure movie brainabout giant cities of gold burried underneat Mt. Rushmore….but my main issue with the movie was actually the fact that it was a complete re-hash of the first movie.

While Nicholas Cage and his geeky parner, Riley (Justin Bartha) were funny together, the movie didn’t do anything new. It was exactly the same movie, except instead of finding a city of gold underneath a museum, it was Mt. Rushmore. All that said, I know there will be an enevitable sequal to it again, because it has made oodles of money at the box office, but I’m pretty sure I won’t see the 3rd one in the theater – I’ll just wait to rent it because I already feel like I’ve seen the same movie twice in theaters.

Oh, and here’s another cute picture of  Napoleon – I cannot have a post without showing him off. Terry here was saying, “I will eat your brain!!!” This picture completely cracks me up because it totally explains our personality. Wait, that sounds wrong. No, we don’t eat puppies. But the thought of eating puppies amuses us. Wait, that doesn’t sound right, either. Blerg.

As for Sunday? We didn’t do anything except play “Tomb Raider” and chill out. Via la Lazy Sundays..!


~ by Nevis on January 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “National Snore”

  1. Hi Napolean
    We just realised that you lived in Columbus,GA.We live in Jonesboro and mommys best friend lives in Columbus too.Daddys grammy lives in Phenix city!

  2. Yeesh, the idea of a National Treasure franchise chills me to the core.

    Oh, and you better keep Terry fed… or poor Napoleon is history!

  3. oh no! not poley’s brains! noooooo!
    Jemima Jones Beck
    PS the second national treasure blew (in our opinion).

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