Seperation Anxiety

Poley DogWell, Happy New Year, everyone! How is everyone doing? We had a quiet New Year’s – watched HBO’s “Entourage” on TV, since they were doing a marathon of the last season. Boy, that’s a great show. If you’ve never seen it, give it a shot and rent the first season. It’s honestly, some great writing, great acting (particularly Jeremy Piven as the egomaniacal agent, Ari). And we’re having quite a cold snap here in Alabama – it’s was actually around 11 degrees outside yesterday, including windchill. Can you believe that? What happened to the South being warm?! Yikes! I’ve been freezing my California-tush off!

And Napoleon has been getting bigger! I see it more when he’s he’ll be lying on his back and I can see his big fat ol’ belly. Or when I’ll see a picture of him from the day I picked him up. We love him very much, even though he can be occasionally annoying….usually when he is in his crate whining to be let out, or when he’ll have an accident and pee on the couch or something. Usually though, his accidents are further and further between because we’re getting used to when he’ll need to go. I’m not sure if that means we’re training him or if he’s training us, but, the net effect is the same. He’s having less accidents and we’re getting into a rythem with him.

Today is Terry’s first day back at school, so this will be Poley’s first full day all by his little lonesome at home. Poor baby! Whomever gets home first will get to see what craziness he got into while alone all day. Hopefully the seperation anxiety won’t be SO great that he starts regressing or something. Also we’ve been bathing little Poley at least weekly and I took a bunch of pictures of it – I’ll post them later so you can all see how cute my big boy is during his bathtime.


~ by Nevis on January 4, 2008.

2 Responses to “Seperation Anxiety”

  1. Hang in there . . . we pugs are so worth all the headache it takes to train us to full maximum lovability!!!

  2. Daisy thinks you are cute too Poley! We cant wait to see the new pics!

    Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

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