Do chickens have large talons?

Napoleon - King of the Pugs!Guess what Terry surprised me with, as a Christmas gift?

The pug puppy that I’ve been wanting so badly! I’m so happy and excited – I can barely type. Well, here is a picture of him – we chose the one we wanted from the breeder and we’ll be able to pick him up on Christmas Eve.

Look at him? Isn’t he ridiculously, adorably, amazingly cute? I named him Napoleon…and I’m sure within no time he’ll be the “Emperor” of this household!

Oh, and if you’re curious why he’s dark looking for a pug, the breeder tells me that is his “puppy coat” and that he’ll shed it in a few months and start having the typical fawn coloring. Additionally, when I was at the breeders kennel, I got to check out and play with Napoleon’s dam & sire, and they’re both very nice and beautiful looking. From what I believe, he is registered, will have a 1-year health guarentee and also is completely up-to-date on all his shots and wormings. Once grown, he should be around 12-15 pounds. His father is very healthy- they’ve never had any health issues that are somewhat common with Pugs and his father is trim and lean – not fat at all.

Right now we’re reading books (two of them!) on how to care for him, going through and “puppy-proofing” the house, and making lists of things we’ll need to buy and have ready for his arrival on Christmas Eve. Terry and I are so excited!


~ by Nevis on December 14, 2007.

7 Responses to “Do chickens have large talons?”

  1. No. Way.

    What a cute dog!!!!!!!

    (Please don’t tell Kasey I said that)

  2. Awww so cute. You are lucky I live so far away, otherwise I would steal him from you! 🙂

    You make me all wanting a dog now 🙂

  3. He is a very cute pug. Some pugs get into things and others don’t. I have one whoeats everything and one who would never try to get stuff off the counter. They are a lot of fun. I am sure you know they want to be with you whenever you are home. I have learned to type with a pug in my lap. Hard bit not impossible. Congrats.

    Roxy’s mom

  4. Hmm I thought I left my response here… however I guess I left it under the pug video! Pooh!

    Oh and PS everything you read about pugs being your shadow and wating to be with you at all times is ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!! If I kneel on the floor to do something – BAM there is Pedro sitting on the backs of my legs.

  5. Nice to meet you, too! Congrats on your new baby…you are certainly in for quite an adventure! The comment from Devil Dog above says it best…get used to having a furry shadow where ever you go. They must be with their humans at all times! I, too, had to get used to having a pug in my lap ALL THE TIME. But, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Winston was my trouble maker eating everything in site and generally destroying all that was possible, but Sela (probably because she was older and a rescue pug) was much more tame and easy to train. Let us know if you have any questions once you get Napoleon…you’re going to love your new puggy!

  6. He’s SOOOOOOOOO cute. We love him SO much

  7. well so i like feel in love with thatdog i am like jello lol

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