By jove, I’ve got it!!!

Well, I’m almost positive that I got the job. They called yesterday while I was out and asked me to come back today (friday) and sign some paperwork allowing them to do a background check as well as they want me to go do a drug test (also today).  Sweet! They wouldn’t want me to spend the money to have me tested or preform the background check if they weren’t going to hire me, right? This is a good sign, right??! Meanwhile, I’m crazy happy about it! I’ll let everyone The symmetrical couple!know for sure if I’ve gotten the job, when I know for sure.

Also, Van decorated his classroom for christmas…it looks great! His students learned symmetry and created both snowflakes and also made these great Christmas Tree mobiles. It’s really creative and the students had a blast. I was helping him decorate his room and took a few pictures. They came out great!

Well, this weekend we hope to see “The Golden Compass” as well as get some Christmas shopping in Columbus. Can’t wait!


~ by Nevis on December 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “By jove, I’ve got it!!!”

  1. Hey Nevis and Van! The AJ forums have been down, so I’ve been dying to hear an update. Are you reporting to your new job tomorrow, or does the search continue? Fingers are crossed for you…

  2. Thanks, Brillig – Yeah, I know…it’s crazy weird not having the forums and not having you guys to talk to! Well, they told me if I was going to start on Monday, they would’ve called me Friday night – and I didn’t hear from them. So I assume I’ll be starting Tuesday then. Gosh, I miss you guys!

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