The Adventures of Terridus. . . The Tiger Rider!

TIGER!Eat your heart out World of Warcraft! I have my own tiger mount now! What you see here is one of the many mosiac tigers that were made by Auburn University Art Department and placed around town. Khan here is located at Tiger Town. Allison and I were there one day and we both decided to get our picture taken atop this majestic beast.

 In other news teaching has been quite the adventure. I don’t want to sound haughty but I don’t think it is possible to really understand everything that goes into being a school teacher unless you are one. I like my job but somedays the stess level gets really high. So much goes into teaching that you never realize. I feel like I am constantly rushing to and from meetings, not to mention keeping all the important dates for special events.


~ by vanredd on November 15, 2007.

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