Winter Has Arrived

Lately haven’t posted that much…not really because I’ve been so busy, more like I haven’t really had anything new or exciting to report. What would I blog about? What I’d watched on TV that day? What laundry I’d done earlier? Or what cleaning product I like to use on my dishes? Not that being a “50’s Housewife” isn’t rewarding or exciting in of itself, but I just haven’t done anything all that interesting.

 Let’s see, I have been applying for jobs but haven’t had any call backs. Not a one, for over a week. Except I heard back on one yesterday and I’ve got an interview today. I’m pretty excited about it. I just want to get back to work and start making money again! Who would’ve thought I’d miss working? Shocking, I know.

This game, Call of Duty 4, also came out on Monday and we went and picked up our copies. I am so far completely addicted to it. I’m totally loving this game – ! I am actually doing better than Terry at it. (And don’t let his stories of “doing it on a harder level” fool you. I’m seriously awesome at it! 😉

And in other news – it’s FREEZING here in Alabama. Literally! It was below freezing last night and when we went out to the car in the morning (Terry’s car broke down last week and I’ve been driving him) my Honda Element was covered in a thick layer of frost. Terry had to scrape the frost off the window – it was like a half inch thick coating of ice all over my car. So weird!! I took some cool  pictures of plants that were frozen and covered up with the frost. And the lake was just gorgeous yesterday – there was this fog rising off it’s still surface – very picturesque. I am truly loving the weather here in the South! I just need to buy a heavier coat, some boots, hat, scarf, gloves, long underwear, etc…


~ by Nevis on November 8, 2007.

One Response to “Winter Has Arrived”

  1. I’ll send you some pics of a nice Canadian winter for you to enjoy. 😀

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