Orange Boxing

The Box, better then a barrel..a barrel of monkeys.I recently purchased The Orange Box on a whim. I had no real plans to buy it at all as I had played Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One on the PC. I was almost prepared to get Episode Two from Steam (Valve’s digital distrubution system) when I realized that I would rather get achievement points for it and also try out Team Fortress 2 and Portal while I was at it.

I found that I had forgotton what a great game Half-Life 2 and all of its extensions where. The gameplay for a single player shooter is second to none, even better then Halo single player (don’t flame me Halo fans, you really come to the table for multiplayer and you know it). The real draw for gameplay is the short but sweet Portal. I found myself transfixed with the notion of chasing myself and seeing how high I could warp myself or how far I could slingshot myself as I made gravity itself a game tool. I believe that Portal’s greatest acomplishment is that it is a game that got me to think in different ways.

I really enjoy a game with a great story and The Orange Box really provides that across five games. There is, of course, the great story that began with Half-Life and continues on though the sequals but also Portal. I don’t want to spoil anything but I will say that the story for Portal was great and it even ties into the Half-Life series if you play though Episode Two.

 I have yet to play any Team Fortress 2. It looks like some good fun and Nevis rented herself a copy so we can try it out this weekend. I will keep you posted.


~ by vanredd on October 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Orange Boxing”

  1. I miss my companion cube! Portals is by far the best game ever. The rest of Orange box rules too!!! Almost done with episode 2. I tried to teach Vicky to play portals because it seems like something she’d actually like, but she couldn’t get the hang of not running into the ground. Oh well. How good is that ending song? But I’m not dead! I can’t wait for a full version. Then we’ll finally get cake!!!!

  2. I absolutely love the Orange Box and still try to play it almost every day!

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