Alabama – Heart of Dixie

In the Bizzaro World, that is!So, I’ve been living as a resident of Alabama for 5 days. What have I been up to? I’ve been cleaning up Terry’s place, making it completely girly-fied. This means candles, throw rugs, pillows, baskets, etc. I don’t know how many trips I’ve been to Target or Wal-Mart…getting floor rugs, mops, plates, etc…He doesn’t have anything! It’s nuts! *shakes head*

I’ve also been helping him get ready for his first grading period at school, assisting him with some projects he needed to do for school (had to make a big “incentive wall” for the hallway where they’ll post kids names that have gotten on the honor roll, etc. I think what he did came out really great! We’ll post a picture when we get around to it.

I just sent Terry off to work. I got up and made him bacon, eggs and coffee. Then packed him up some snacks and organized his rolly-bag with his school stuff for him, kissed him and waved him off. Now I’m sitting in front of TV, on my laptop and watching ‘Angel’ while sipping some coffee. I’ve got a load of his laundry in the washer. I currently feel very “50’s-housewife”. But I don’t mind; it makes me feel good to know that I’m making his life easier and more enjoyable.

How do I like Alabama, so far? I really do. Everyone is very friendly, very nice, and very genuine. Totally completely different from Los Angeles – in a good way.


~ by Nevis on October 9, 2007.

One Response to “Alabama – Heart of Dixie”

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! I have one of these on my fridge that says “guess where I am tattooed”?
    Jemima Jones Beck’s Mom, Rachele Jean Beck

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