Interview with Admiral Ackbar

250px-ackbar_closeup.jpgAdmiral Ackbar, whose name in Mon Cal means means “selfless servant, was a true hero to the Rebel Alliance. He is probably best known for leading the assualt on the second Death Star which lead to the shattering of the Galactic Empire.  After the Battle of Endor he stuggled to help keep the fledgling New Republic together though such crises as the Grand Admiral Thrawn Invasion, Emperor Palpitine Reborn, The Black Fleet Crisis, The First Corellian Insurrection, and the Battle of Anx Minor. He then settled down for his well deserved retirement from the office of Supreme Commander of Republic Forces. It was not to last though as he came back into service during the Yuuzhan Vong War, giving hope to all forces that victory could be obtained. He died shortly before the war’s end at the age of 74. I am pleased to present this interview I conducted shortly before he died.

Van Redd: Hello Admiral, sorry I mean Supreme Commander. I guess I’m still use to that one since I served under you when you mostly when you were an Admiral.

Admiral Ackbar: Admiral is fine Van, it is the title most know me by anyway. Though feel free to call me just Ackbar.

Van: Oh no sir! I don’t think I could do that. I was actually hoping you could tell us why, now that the war is winding down, you came back into service.

Ackbar: The Republic needed me, they needed hope. I’ve never been one to flatter myself…or believe all the wonderful things people say about me. None of that will get you very far. I do know, however, that I have probably the most comprehensive amount of tactical knowledge in the fleet. It was my duty to put it to use if we are to push the Vong back and win the war.

Van: It was certainly something to see the messages on the Holoscreens that “ACKBAR IS BACK!” I was on the Republic Star Destroyer Virrveral when the news came. The day before people were barely speaking except for orders, that day there were parties and excitement all over the ship.

Ackbar: That is…that is very kind of you to say. I have to state though that one being cannot win a war. It is the united efforts of the Republic, the independent systems, and even the Imperial Remmnant that have brought us back from the brink of defeat to being on the cusp of winning the war.600px-ackbar_at_endor.jpg

Van: Well said, I would now like to delve into some personal topics if you don’t mind.

Ackbar: Go on.

Van: How have you been dealing with the loss of your niece, Jesmin?

Ackbar: I knew when her and my nephew Cilghal decided to join Luke Skywalker’s academy to become Jedi that there would be risks. I loved my niece but she died making the galaxy a safer place for good people and I know in my hearts that she would have no regrets about that. Still, I mourn for her still every day.

Van: You never got married or had any children, why is that?

Ackbar: The problem was always one of time I suppose. I never really chose a military career, it choosed me. The galaxy was always in such turmoil leading up the fall of Palpatine…and in even greater turmoil afterwards. I never had the time to make any of the relationships I was in work. Some good women wasted much time and patience on me I have to admit. (pause) To be truthful… I regret it, I would love the laughter of children and grandchildren to brighten my day…it…it was just not in the will of the Force for it to be so for me.

Van: What do you plan to do after the war?

Ackbar: (after a long pause) Van…I’m….I’m old you see. I don’t…I don’t think I have much time left to wonder about much of that. I probably will go back to my home on Mon Calamari and spend time what friends and family I have left. Can I give you some advice Van?

Van Redd: Of course sir.ackbar2.jpg

Ackbar: Don’t outlive your friends, and find the time or make the time to build a life for yourself. Don’t wind up like your old commander Ackbar.

Van: I will sir.

Ackbar: I guess that is what life is then is’nt it?

Van: What is that sir?

Ackbar: It’s a trap!

(Note: Three standard galaxy days later Admiral Ackbar died.)


~ by vanredd on September 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Interview with Admiral Ackbar”

  1. That feeling you have right now? That is me…moving you!

  2. Is that what that feeling was?

    I thought I had gas.

  3. Please, let us not disrespect the memory of the Admiral by being so crass my dear lady!


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